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Healthy Gamer Does Mental Health Awareness Month

Healthy Gamer Does Mental Health Awareness Month

Join Us For Our MHA Month Fundraiser!

May is in full swing, and with it, comes the official start of Mental Health Awareness month!

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness, we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our first-ever fundraiser. Throughout the month, we’ll be dishing out goodies and special events as we hit our fundraising targets to help spread the AoE healing. 

All proceeds from our fundraiser will be allocated to helping launch our Healthy Gamer Coaching Program (Which includes our Recovery Coaching program, as well as Group Coaching), where you’ll have access to the help you need through coaches trained directly by Dr. K.

Here’s a quick clip detailing what our plans are for the program:

See below for our current fundraising amount and goals:

Our First Goal Stream, Featuring Pokimane!

We’re extending a huge thank-you to our amazing community – as of our last stream with Sweet_Anita, we’ve already hit our first 8 targets for a grand total of over $9000 raised. 

Twitch sensation Pokimane will be joining us for our first special stream for our fundraiser. It’ll take place this coming Friday, May 5, starting at 12:00 PM CDT, so be sure to have it marked on your calendars! (Follow the stream here

After chatting with Pokimane, this stream will have Dr. K answering all of your most pressing questions in classic Ask Me Anything (AMA) form – while drinking. Join us for a fun-filled stream as the typically wholesome Dr. K answers your questions while potential (and likely) hilarity ensues. 

Special Thanks To Lilypichu and Sweet_Anita!

We’d also like to extend a special thanks to LilyPichu and Sweet_Anita, who both donated generous contributions of $3000 and $1000, respectively. 

If you’re interested in helping us further spread the AoE healing and getting our coaching programs off the ground, be sure to consider donating to our fundraiser here.

And if you’re interested in leveling up your mental health through the Healthy Gamer Coaching Program, be sure to take a look at the details here.


Until next time,

The Healthy Gamer team

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