Who Goes into Group Coaching?

Who Goes into Group Coaching?
Kabir Lal
Kabir Lal
Community Manager

In Group Coaching, you meet with a Healthy Gamer Coach and eight others for 90 minutes, once every week for a minimum of 16 sessions. Group coaching focuses on elevating the group and empowering the group members to support each other towards their goals and through their difficulties, emotional or otherwise.

You get compassion, perspective, and understanding from people who aren’t getting paid to be there. These people are on the same playing field as you. Getting support from one person can give you a lot of hope, so imagine what happens when an entire group of people feels that way about you.

Seeing your problems in someone else, helping them through that, and then realizing that this is something you’ve been ignoring for some time, and something you can do as well can be very empowering. If you feel lonely and isolated, Group Coaching can help with that.

1. You Are Unhappy With Your Life

Most group coaching clients come into group coaching because they are unhappy with a particular aspect of their life. They may not have diagnosed depression or anxiety, but they are unhappy with how their life is going. They carry feelings of inadequacy, low self-worth, and a sense of failure with them. They may be lonely and isolated in their own homes, not leave their house often.

“Coaching doesn’t help you IMMEDIATELY take action, it's more about understanding yourself and hearing different takes”, said a Group Coaching client. “Also, when you hear about other people’s problems, you realize that there’s a lot more similarities between them and you. As you help someone through their problems, you start to realize solutions for yourself.”

2. You Don’t Have Much to Say

One of the most common questions we get is “what if I don’t know what to say in coaching? How will my coach help me?”. If you resonate with this statement, then Group Coaching is for you. Clients report that even when they are not the one talking in a session, just sitting in on other people talking about their issues and relating with them feels therapeutic, and allows them to gain insight into their own problems. 

Another client reported that group coaching is different from talking with friends. In friend groups, people usually start problem solving for each other. They don’t listen much, and jump in to offer solutions. However, what really helps clients is when the group sits with the person’s feelings and processes it together. Clients become better listeners and more aware about their own problems. The client clarified that the feeling doesn’t go away entirely, but it still feels less worse. Moreover, you start to understand where those feelings come from and how they affect you.

3. You Want to Become a Coach

The first few weeks of Group Coaching are actually about teaching the clients a lot of the skills that a Coach has. This includes reflective listening, asking open ended questions, and more. When clients learn how to support each other well, that is when the group starts to pick up pace.

Every session, you discuss issues that are top of mind and the group picks a couple of people’s issues to focus on. As the group works on that, other group members realize how this issue pops up in their life, and start to get insight and understanding of it.

4. You Lack an IRL Support Network

One of the main advantages of group coaching is that you get a group that is dedicated to your growth and wants to support you. Couple that with a trained coach who facilitates that discussion, you have an environment that allows you to feel safe, be open, as well as be authentic whilst maintaining compassion.

“Before you come into group coaching, you may not have someone who you can talk to about your problems”, said a client. “When you have different perspectives chiming in during a group session, it helps to get you out of negative thought loops.”

“As we worked together, we realized that there was one overarching theme that we all struggled with: the inability to meet the standards that we set for ourselves and the resulting shame that came with it”, added a Group Coaching client. “Working on that with the group was immensely helpful. It made me realize that the way I think about things is not the way reality is.”

5. You Get Inspired by Others

If you are the kind of person who draws energy from other people’s successes, but find it difficult to motivate yourself to do things on your own, then Group Coaching is for you. As you see other people improve, it can give you a sense of pride that you were part of this other person’s journey. 

Moreover, it can boost your confidence because you helped them through their problems. Therefore, when you come back into your own head, you start to feel inspired to take action into your own life, and the obstacles in your path start to seem smaller. You feel supported, inspired, and ready to take action.

Additionally, if you fail to take action, the group is there to support you. The group does not abandon you because you did not meet their expectations. In fact, the group helps you overcome and realize that the expectations you have for yourself are the ones that set you up for failure. As you gain this understanding and survive failure, you start to move forward in life.

6. You Want to Improve Your Communication Skills

One of the biggest advantages of Group Coaching is that you get a sandbox environment to practice your communication skills in. It is the best place for you to get authentic feedback from people who care about your growth.

“Group Coaching made me a lot better at communicating. I thought I was decent at first, but I realized there are all these levels to it”, said a client. “Moreover, the skills you use to listen to other people are the ones you can use to listen to yourself. You validate your own feelings, and sort of become your own Coach.”

7. You Aren’t Comfortable Sharing With People

This may seem paradoxical. “If I am not comfortable sharing with others, why would I join a group of people and try to do that?”, I can hear you saying. 

That is exactly why you should join Group Coaching. It provides you with a sandbox environment where you can learn to be comfortable sharing emotions with other people. It's an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone at your own pace and take a step towards the life you want to live.

“You gotta learn to share your emotions with people eventually”, said a Group Coaching client. “That comes up in any relationship. You cannot go through life without doing that. You have to learn it at some point. [Group Coaching] is a good place to do so. There’s not a ton of other places where that is the entire point of what you are supposed to do. People encourage you to share, and they don’t judge you for it. Most people are struggling with the same issues. Pretty much everyone struggled with sharing emotions in the group, so you wouldn’t be alone in that.”

Have Doubts About Starting Coaching?

Most of our clients do. Here’s what they say after trying it out for a while.

“If you’re on the fence, give Coaching a try for at least one month. I know it's scary to take the jump, but this is a much smaller jump than a lot of other ones in life.”

“Group coaching is great for learning the skill of listening and understanding. If you don’t want to have all the attention on you, I highly recommend it.”

“I thought I might go in and not like anybody in the group, and leave. I thought I’d feel awkward and uncomfortable and leave. People actually open up pretty fast, so you start to see the human side of people pretty quickly.”

“I thought there wasn’t going to be enough time to get to everyone. But I came to not worry about that because a lot of people have similar problems to each other. Whoever has a mic on a given day, I can relate to them a lot. When I tell them that I relate to them, it helps them and me at the same time. “

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