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Careers – Coaching Program Manager

Now Hiring: Coaching Program Manager


About the position:

A key hire on our management team, the Coaching Program Manager is responsible for the growth and success of the Healthy Gamer Coaching Program. You will use your impeccable people and organizational skills to grow a peer coaching network: recruiting the most promising new coaches, ensuring successful training completion, and making sure coaches have outstanding sessions with clients that drive real, meaningful change. You will be supported by a Trainee Coordinator.


People Management

  • Support clients during and after their coaching experience acting as the Customer Service voice.
  • Support coaches throughout their training and coaching career to help solidify concepts or create/share resources as needed.
  • Manage prospective and current coach communications during the recruitment/training process as well as throughout paid coaching careers.
  • Track coaching performance to spread best practices and troubleshoot weak areas as needed.
  • Design and implement both formal and informal support structures throughout the coaching network.


Skills Training

  • Ensure skills are adequately learned through training, help support coaches’ learning through training and after.
  • Manage weekly supervision agendas.
  • Proactively meet with coaches to understand and support any specific needs.
  • Organize reference materials in our platforms and DB’s including coaching manuals and escalation procedures.



  • Reporting to exec team on key metrics for client outcomes, customer satisfaction, and coach success
  • Manage supply/demand to implement recruiting/training cycles as needed by market demand and/or enterprise contracts
  • Manage the overall coaching schedules to ensure coverage for high demand times


Research & Analytics

  • Able to perform quantitative analysis to find trends
  • Able to understand and apply findings from scientific research literature
  • Understands how to conduct research (hypothesis testing, A/B experiments, control groups, etc.)


Personal Overflow

  • Available if there is an emergency situation
  • Goes through coach training personally to handle sessions if needed as a last resort



  • MPH or equivalent demonstrated understanding of public health
  • Experience working in large, virtual teams; management experience preferred
  • Experience conducting statistical analysis, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis


The ideal candidate:

  • Outstanding people skills: you can talk to anyone about anything
  • Impeccably organized: you know where everything is, how every file is tagged, and have an easy-to-follow system
  • Intrinsic motivation to help others: you are motivated by service to others and value being part of the solution
  • Positive: you bring out the best in others by setting a positive example
  • Dependable: you do what you say you’re going to do
  • Personal ethos: you understand what our clients are going through, because you’ve been there, too


If you’re interested in this position, using the following form to apply:


About Healthy Gamer

Healthy Gamer is a mental health platform that creates accessible, comprehensive resources for gamers. Healthy Gamer was created by Dr. Alok Kanojia, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and pioneer for mental health in the gaming world. Healthy Gamer’s AoE healing is a combination of content, community, and coaching tailored for a new generation of mental health challenges. We support gamers personally, in their communities, and via their platforms.