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We get it. We've been there.

Take action now to build a fulfilling life. We’ll coach you through it. We use virtual, peer-to-peer coaching to create a modern and accessible approach to mental health and wellness -- one that actually works for gamers.

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Work with a Healthy Gamer Coach (trained by Dr. K) to tackle issues like lack of motivation, low self worth, confidence, relationships and more. You’ll meet weekly to understand your thought processes, create goals, and make meaningful changes towards a mentally healthier, happier life.

Is Healthy Gamer coaching right for me?

We work to remove obstacles to personal growth. HG Coaches understand gamers: what makes us tick, our unique obstacles, specialized skills, and driving forces. HG Coaches create effective, targeted growth strategies in a casual environment. All sessions are online via Discord. While our clients have seen a reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms, HG Coaching should not be used in place of medical treatment for mental illness. We cannot diagnose illness or prescribe medication.

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How are Healthy Gamer coaches trained?

Healthy Gamer Coaches are trained and certified through Dr. Kanojia’s 10-week curriculum. It’s designed around the unique way gamers think, behave, and succeed. For the first two weeks, Healthy Gamer Coaches learn directly from Dr. Kanojia and then apply concepts with real clients for 8 weeks. Only coaches who have proved they can drive results are eligible to work with clients. Dr. K’s certification program combines perspectives on mental health and wellness to give coaches multiple tools to approach your challenges:

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What is peer-to-peer coaching?

Peer-to-peer coaching is a non-clinical support tool. Healthy Gamer Coaches are mentors. We are advocates and educators. We hold up the mirror and help you build a game plan -- all in an affordable and approachable environment. Research shows that the support of peers (those with a shared lived experience) in many cases can be even more powerful than therapy.

15% Decrease in Qualities of Anxiety

16% Decrease in Qualities Depression

14% Increase in Sense of Control/Agency

30% Increase in Sense of Life Purpose/Meaning

What peer-to-peer coaching isn't:

It isn’t diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition.

It isn’t treatment for clinical mental illness.

It isn’t one session of transformation that fixes your life. It is a process where our coaches work with you over weeks to months to create sustainable change.

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What are coaching sessions like?

Together, you’ll explore options and opportunities for growth. You’ll work through Healthy Gamer exercises, and understand your own mind better to help you level up in life.

Choosing your bundle

When it comes to coaching, you have options: personal or group coaching. Next, choose the length of your relationship. Mental health is a process, so choose the environment and timeline that will work best for you.

Personal coaching: 1 coach + 1 gamer

We have seen results in as few as 8 sessions to implement change. If you think you have a more complicated situation or more intense feelings (or lack thereof) to work through, you can opt for longer packages or extend your coaching at a later date.


  • Focus on your unique challenges
  • Move at your own pace
  • Progress is up to you!
  • Starts at $40/session

Group Coaching: 1 coach + 8 clients

Form new bonds and put discussion into action over 16 weeks, plenty of time to learn and grow.


  • Greater perspectives and insight on your problems
  • Build a support network and be part of one
  • Be held accountable by your group
  • Particularly effective at alleviating social anxiety, low self-worth, and lack of control in life
  • Starts at $24/session

I cannot understate how grateful I am for your help. It doesn't hurt to live anymore and for the first time in a long time I can say that I'm happy and feel in control/have an understanding of my thoughts and feelings. Thank you.

- Q.T.

Affordable pricing

Access to mental health shouldn’t be exclusive. We keep our costs low and resources accessible. Services are billed monthly.

Personal sessions

Perfectly tailored, move at your pace.




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Group sessions

Fully supported, keeps you accountable.

$24 USD /session

Group Coaching is a process to help you work through the things that are holding you back to achieve the life you want. Join a group for 16 weeks to work through your issues with a supportive group of gamers in a friendly environment.

What is the cancellation policy?

Coaching is a process, and it requires work from you and your coach. If you didn’t have a great session, we strongly encourage you to wait it out. Everyone has off weeks, and sometimes that’s part of the process. If after 3 or 4 sessions, you still feel like this isn’t the right time/fit/thing for you, you can cancel to receive your money back for the remaining coaching sessions. Cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice, so someone else has a chance to receive help.

Subsidy funds coming soon

Subsidy funds are provided by sponsors to make coaching available for free. Funds are applied on a first come, first served basis. We are hoping to establish these funds by 2021. Sign up here to join the waitlist.

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