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Healthy Gamer Coaching Waitlist

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    Healthy Gamer Coaching Waitlist – Coaching Release is Nov. 9th!

    Thank you for your interest. We are training new coaches as fast as we can while preserving the integrity of the curriculum. We use online, peer-to-peer coaching to create a modern and accessible approach to mental health and wellness — one that actually works for gamers. If you are interested please sign up to be informed when personal or group coaching is available.

    Personal Coaching Sessions

    • You get to interact one-on-one with a coach who helps you work through your unique challenges towards your goals.
    • Coaches help you understand yourself and the exact mentalities that may be holding you back in life.
    • They work with you to create practical and actionable strategies so that you can go in the direction that you want in your life.


    Group Coaching Sessions

    • Level up with the help of your coach and up to eight like-minded people.
    • We’re all wired similarly, and we can use that to our advantage by helping each other while we help ourselves.
    • Group coaching fosters a small community where you can completely be yourself.
    • It allows you to receive honest insight from people who care about your journey.


    After signing up for the waitlist, keep your eye out for an email to get VIP access to a coaching spot.

    About Healthy Gamer Coaches

    We work to remove personal and environmental obstacles to personal growth. HG Coaches understand gamers: what makes us tick, our unique obstacles, specialized skills, and driving forces. HG Coaches create effective, targeted personal growth strategies in a casual environment. All sessions are online. HG Coaching should not be used in place of medical treatment for mental illness. We cannot diagnose illness or prescribe medication.

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