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Healthy Gamer April 2020 Team Update

Healthy Gamer April 2020 Team Update

Healthy Gamer Team Update AprilHealthy Gamer Team Update

“Don’t you guys find it unbelievable that just over a year ago, we were a bunch of gamers that huddled around once a week on Discord to talk about video games and life?” – Dr. K

The past few weeks have been full of ideas and growth for us here at Healthy Gamer. We have seen a lot of positive impact and are excited to take it to the next level. Here is our team update on what we have been up to!

Healthy Gamer Coaching Program

Big things are coming up in May! We are in the process of building a coaching network ready to work with clients on many of the things Dr. K talks about on stream. You heard us right, we are building a network of coaches (personally trained by Dr. K) to spread the AoE heal! If you want to sign up for first dibs on coaching, click here to sign up!

We are currently past the half-way point of the Coaching Beta Program, and so far the results are encouraging! One of our Beta clients said: 

“I feel like it’s priceless to have someone who can empower you, mirror you and still understand the struggles you are facing with the clear intent on having you improve and feel better about yourself, I couldn’t ask for more, especially in these times.”

For all of you coaching applicants, we never anticipated more than 600 of you would apply! We will get back to almost all of you by the end of the month, and are also working through the legal and administrative side of having international coaches. Thanks for being patient with us!

Healthy Gamer Rebranding

Healthy Gamer was founded on the realization that the current mental health establishment simply does not understand gamers. We started from a clinical perspective, focusing on the evolving TBD classification of “video game addiction”. Throughout our experiences with the Discord community, Twitch livestreams, and Coaching Beta, we see that more often than not, “video game addiction” is a symptom of something deeper. The outpouring of solidarity around general mental health makes us want to reinvent mental health for the internet: inclusive, affordable, accessible.

We also want to celebrate what makes the video game community wonderful. We are active gamers ourselves, whether exploring the world of Eorzea, crafting works of art on Summoner’s Rift, or playing Super Mario Galaxy for the third time.

And to you, non-gamers – welcome! Our scope of AoE healing has spread across other communities on the internet as well, and we all share a common pursuit of a stronger, healthier state of mind. We are here to support everyone wanting to improve their lives. Therefore, we will reveal a new theme to reflect what we have evolved to: Mental Health for the Internet Generation.

Healthy Gamer Content Update

We hear you! More resources, more collaborations, and more in-depth followup coming right up!

Dr. K ran a mental health bootcamp webinar covering important topics like motivation, emotion, and meditation. Check it out here

For shorter clips, stream highlights, and bite-sized Dr. K goodness check out the new channel Dr. K Out of Context. The VODs will continue to live on the main channel (subscribe here!).

We’re streaming Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 – 2 PM Central Time, so make sure to put that on your calendar! Follow the stream here!


Until next time, signing out,

The Healthy Gamer Team

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