Highlights: May 11-17, Upcoming Streams, and Milestone Updates! | Healthy Gamer



Highlights: May 11-17, Upcoming Streams, and Milestone Updates!

Highlights: May 11-17, Upcoming Streams, and Milestone Updates!

The second week of Mental Health Awareness month is officially complete, and for anything you may have missed, we’ve got you covered.

Interview with xQc

We kicked off the week with an emotional interview with Overwatch legend xQc. In this stream, Dr. K helped him with issues including self-sabotage, self-consciousness, and living up to his parent’s expectations. We highly recommend this interview for anyone that struggles with cultivating a deep, intrinsic sense of self-worth. Be sure to check it out below:


Mental Health Awareness Fundraiser Update

We’re also extending a special thanks to our community members twitch_scar for the $2500 donation and Anonxencrypt for the $1000 donation!

We’ve been absolutely floored by the wave of support we’ve experienced and couldn’t be more grateful to our community members such as yourself. See below for our new updated milestone streams and targets:


Coming Up Next

On Monday, May 18, 12 PM CET, we’ll be kicking off the week with some Dota 2 as Dr. K unleashes his dark side to deal some AoE damage.

Next, on Wednesday, May 20, 12 PM CET,  we’ll be interviewing streamer FerociouslySteph.

Finally, we’ll be wrapping up the week on Friday, May 22, 12 PM CET with the highly anticipated relationship advice stream. As an added bonus for hitting our $30,000 fundraiser target, we’ll also be throwing in a few drinks on stream – be sure to join us for an afternoon of hilarity, memes, and quality streams. If you have any questions regarding relationships, love, or anything in between, comment on our Reddit thread here to make yourself heard. 


We’ll see you Monday, and until next time,

The Healthy Gamer Team

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