Highlights: Week of May 3-10 & What's Next | Healthy Gamer



Highlights: Week of May 3-10 & What’s Next

Highlights: Week of May 3-10 & What’s Next

It’s been an eventful first week of Mental Health Awareness Month, and for anything that you may have missed, we’ve got you covered.

Interview with Sweet Anita

This week, Sweet_Anita joined us on stream to share her experience with living with Tourette’s. This is a great interview for learning about self-love, with Sweet_Anita living as a prime embodiment of self-love in spite of the odds. Check it below:

Interview with Dyrus 

On Wednesday, Dr. K spoke with ex-League of Legends pro Dyrus about burnout, fame, overcoming childhood bullying, and his history with League of Legends. Check it out below:

Interview with Pokimane 

Pokimane also joined Dr.K on stream late last week for an emotional interview about the impact of Twitch streaming on her life. It’s a great watch for anyone who struggles with perfectionism, high expectations, and getting over “shoulds” and “shouldn’t” when dealing with your own emotions. Check it out below:


Mental Health Awareness Month Update

We’d also like to extend a warm thank-you to our amazing community members, such as yourself for donating to our Mental Health Awareness Month fundraiser. We’ve already hit 14 of our targets, which means we’ve got more fundraiser-exclusive streams coming up! See below for where we’re currently at with our fundraiser, and what’s to come with our next targets.


Coming Up Next

In continuation of our Mental Health Awareness Month fundraiser, our next stream on Wednesday, May 13 at 12 PM Central Time, where you’ll get to see the highly inexperienced Dr. K enjoying a couple hours of learning League of Legends. As an added bonus, we’ll also be turning text-to-speech on during the stream for added memes during donations.

In the following stream on Friday, May 15 at 12 PM Central Time, Dr. K will be returning to his roots in Dota 2 as he teaches us how we can maintain a level-headed coolness while gaming, and how we can learn to cultivate a generally positive mental attitude irrespective of feeding teammates, noobs, and “boosted bonobos.”


We’ll see you then, and until next time,

The Healthy Gamer Team


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