How Intelligence Leads to Avoidance

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How Intelligence Leads to Avoidance

Gamers Develop Patterns of Avoidance Early On

To help gamers overcome avoidance, we have to first understand where it comes from. Gamers’ mentality of escaping problems and reality develop at a young age. Generally speaking, gamers have higher intelligence than the rest of the population. When they are young, they quite often hear positive comments about their intelligence. As a result, smart kids only do things that make them appear smart.

“The hardest thing for gamers to do is to be observed by others when you feel incompetent,” says Dr. Alok Kanojia, co-founder of Healthy Gamer.

Smartness Becomes Part of Gamer’s Identity

However, because they’re always told that they’re smart, they are much more likely to feel stupid and judged than the rest of the population does when they’re doing something they’re not good at. Over time, those same smart kids tend to avoid challenges. Later in life, avoidance becomes a part of who they are and how they operate in the world.

To get around that mindset, gamers need to reframe concepts such as smart or stupid to experienced or inexperienced. The more that gamers realize their success has nothing to do with their intelligence but rather their experience and capabilities, the better off they will be in the long run.

The more gamers start to approach situations like applying for jobs, which requires practice (and failure), the more prepared they will be for solving real-world challenges.

“The more they think themselves as inexperienced instead of stupid, the more they naturally realize that the solution of inexperience is to try things,” Dr. Kanojia said.

Have More Fun

In general, gamers are not the best at tolerating failure. However, if they reframe failure as inexperience, failure will gradually become acceptable on the road to success. They have to stumble a couple of times before they can walk.

“One of the hardest things for gamers to do is to navigate the real world outside of the game,” says Dr. Kanojia

Developing a mindset willing to try new things and gain new experiences is a critical step for gamers to regain control of their lives. It opens gamers up to try new things and have more fun – both in-game and out.

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