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Parents of Gamers



We've worked with hundreds of gamers. It’s going to be ok. You are not alone.

Video gaming is a newly classified addiction, and it is not widely known or treated. Millions of gamers under the age of 18 are clinically addicted to video games. In fact, some estimates show addiction rates as high as 9% in youth under the age of 18*. Compare that with 5% of children with ADHD. Your hunches may be right if the following are happening:

  • Changes in his/her personality
  • Grades dropping
  • Ambitions fading
  • Becoming socially isolated
  • Tensions developing in friendships or romantic relationships
  • Physical or mental health deteriorating


There is a way to treat this.

What role can a parent play in overcoming video game addiction?

In our experience, the best roles a parent can play is two-fold.

First: Understand what is going on both neurochemically and psychologically. Video games can have very positive effects as well as addictive effects. It’s important to recognize each.

Second: Rebuild your relationship with your child. The worst dynamic is the parent on one side with the gamer and the video game on the other side.

Both require dedicated, consistent effort.

The HealthyGamer.GG parents’ course is designed to empower you to change the direction of your child’s life through productive communication, a shared understanding and a healthier lifestyle for your gamer.

The course includes:

  • A psychiatric perspective on video gaming addiction
  • Strategies for constructive conversations with your gamer
  • Understanding your gamer’s perspective
  • Frameworks for setting goals, limits and boundaries
  • Guided exercises to complete with your gamer
  • Strategies to change the trajectory of your gamer’s future


  • Control the timeline. A once-per-week appointment model with a therapist or family counselor can take a full semester or longer. A digital solution moves at your pace and gives you the tools you need all at once.
  • Get on the same page. Regain your child’s trust by understanding his/her world and the needs video games fulfill. An in-depth understanding of your child’s brain and worldview fuels empathetic, relationship-centered communication.
  • Reshape their future. Use our step-by-step guide to create a different physical, emotional and social environment to help your child explore his/her full potential.