Group Coaching Supervisor

What We're Looking For

We are seeking mental health professionals with a proven track record as both therapists and as group facilitators who are also excellent teachers. The role of the supervisor is to provide education and support to coaches working with clients. As coaching is not a medical or psychiatric intervention, the supervisor is not responsible for any direct care or overseeing the coaching of any particular clients. Rather, we are looking to borrow heavily from best practices from medical training models to teach our coaches how to continue to be effective and adapt to new circumstances. 3-5 hour per week commitment.

Your Primary Responsibilities

  • 2+ Years of Clinical Experience (including, but not exclusively psychotherapy).
  • 1+ Years of Teaching / Supervision Experience (not full-time teaching, but in a role as a supervisor. Residency qualifies if you are working with medical students or interns/junior residents. Psychologists working with interns or post-doc fellows qualify).
  • Experience running groups in a therapeutic setting.
  • Understands social media and gaming culture, ideally as a native user.

What Makes A Good Fit

  • Experience teaching groups.
  • Advanced training in groups (either psychotherapy groups or peer support).
  • Advanced training in psychotherapy.
  • Experience with short-term psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, behavioral activation, or other brief psychotherapeutic interventions.
  • Native understanding of video game culture.

Compensation is dependent on experience, as described below:

LCSW or comparable: $60-80/hr
PhD/PsyD or comparable: $150-250/hr
MD or comparable: $200-300/hr

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