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Thank You For Taking The Video Game Addiction Quiz

Your Results

Thank you for taking the first step in helping your child. Your results indicate that you don’t currently meet the American Psychiatric Association’s guidelines for having a video game addiction. However, there could be signs of addiction that you are missing. There is also the possibility that the changes you’ve noticed will continue to progress in a negative direction.

Your Treatment Plan

Not all gamers are the same. We offer individualized personality diagnostics and assessment tools to help you figure out what kind of gamer you are and why you are addicted to particular games. Diagnostics inform targeted plans for you to take back control of your life and conquer video gaming addiction.

  • Learn how to control your behavior.
  • Learn how to rebuild your relationships.
  • Learn how to get back on track towards professional & academically successful.
  • Take charge of your physical health.
  • Develop the confidence to move in the real world.

Step #1

Enroll in our HealthyGamer Course For Gamers. The course can help you recognize the signs of gaming addiction in case there are things you missed.

Our  course includes:

  • Individual Reflection
    • Diagnostics to understand your mindset, your challenges and the role of gaming in your life
    • Appropriate content and exercises based on your diagnostics
    • Goal-setting and goal-tracking
  • Group Support
    • Weekly live group sessions (over Discord)
    • Ongoing forums with your group
    • Access to other groups if you need a make-up or additional session
  • Professional Support
    • Weekly one-on-one session with a Recovery Coach
    • Tracking progress towards goals

Step #2

Sign up to our Facebook Support Group.

Step #3

If the previous two steps won’t work for you, or haven’t worked before, you should consider booking a private session with Dr. Alok, the Harvard-trained specialist behind the HealthyGamer course.

Who Is HealthyGamer?

Healthy Gamer is built on the latest neuroscience research, clinical addiction psychiatry, and behavioral psychology. We combine these disciplines into a methodology that has helped hundreds of gamers over the last four years. Healthy Gamer is developed by world-class addictions expert Dr. Alok Kanojia. Dr. Kanojia works with addictions at McLean Hospital (#1 Psychiatric Hospital according to US News & World Report) and is faculty at Harvard Medical School.

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