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Your Results From The Video Game Addiction Quiz

Thank you for taking the first step in helping your child. We strongly believe in working with your child instead of against them. Your results indicate that your child does currently meet many of the American Psychiatric Association’s guidelines for having a video game addiction or is very-very close. It’s important to remember that there could also be signs of addiction that you are missing. There is also the distinct possibility that the behavior changes you’ve noticed will continue to progress if left untreated.

You Indicated That There Are

4 to 9

Problem Areas

Your Treatment Plan

Your role is to first understand what is going on in your child’s brain both neuroscientifically and psychologically. And then, use that knowledge to rebuild the relationship with your child and to help you both regain control of your lives. Both require dedicated consistent effort. But we will give you the tools to do that.

Step #1

Enroll in our Healthy Gamer Course For Parents. The HealthyGamer.GG parents’ course is designed to empower you to change the direction of your child’s life through productive communication, a shared understanding and a healthier lifestyle for your gamer. The course includes:

  • A psychiatric perspective on video gaming addiction
  • Strategies for constructive conversations with your gamer
  • Understanding your gamer’s perspective
  • Frameworks for setting goals, limits and boundaries
  • Guided exercises to complete with your gamer
  • Strategies to change the trajectory of your gamer’s future

Step #2

Sign up for the Healthy Gamer Family Support Program.

The Healthy Gamer Family Support Program is a 12-week bootcamp for parents of children struggling with excessive gaming. You’ll learn to tackle common challenges like:

  • Managing your child’s expectations
  • Setting and enforcing fair boundaries
  • Dealing with resistance from your child
  • Approaching your child’s psychology based on their developmental stage
  • Adapting your approach to cases of substance use, mood disorders, ADHD or autism

This program was created by Dr. Alok Kanojia, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and world expert on video game addiction. After working with thousands of gamers, he developed the best evidence-based approach for regaining control from video games.

Learn how to break through to your child with Dr. Alok Kanojia, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and world expert on video game addiction. For the price of 3 hours of therapy, get 3 months of support for building healthier gaming habits.