Yvonne of OfflineTV talks to Dr. K | Healthy Gamer



Yvonne of OfflineTV talks to Dr. K

Yvonne Talks to Dr. K of HeathyGamer

Yvonne of OfflineTV talks to Dr. K

This Wednesday, Yvonne came on the HealthyGamer stream to talk with Dr. K about a variety of topics. Yvonne is the manager of OfflineTV as well as a Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for streaming League of Legends. They talked about imposter syndrome, self-care, and sexual harassment in the Twitch and gaming community.


Yvonne talks to Dr. K


Yvonne and Imposter Syndrome

Dr. K and Yvonne discussed how she finds it hard to accept compliments or appreciation for her work. She expressed that she feels like the appreciation is not deserved and she finds it difficult to take credit for her work.

Imposter syndrome is something that a lot of us relate to and struggle with. It can be hard to take credit for something that we have accomplished because it does not feel like we deserve it. This is usually closely related to self-worth, as being confident in ourselves allows us to accept appreciation from others.

Everyone has imposter syndrome for different reasons, but oftentimes, it is something that is learned. Sometimes, there are events in a person’s past that teach them that they are not good enough, and so, they do not deserve positivity and appreciation from others. Recognizing this and trying to figure out what that reason could be is a good place to start.


Selfishness and Self-Care

Yvonne talked about how she ended a long-term relationship so that she could explore her life as a single person. She expressed how hard the decision was for her to make, and how she felt selfish for doing so.

Dr. K agreed that while it can be seen as selfish, there is not necessarily anything wrong with that. We often make sacrifices for our loved ones. However, there are some times when we should put ourselves first and that is okay. 

The most important thing is to be intentional and aware of when we decide to be selfish, and when we sacrifice for other people. Sometimes, being honest and unfair is better than being unauthentic.

Yvonne came to accept this and realized that she did what she needed to do for herself and that she is happier for it.

We had a wonderful interview with Sweet_Anita about self-love and self-care. You can check it out here.


Sexual Harassment in the Twitch/Gaming Community

Recently, many brave women in the gaming community have come forward to talk about their experiences with sexual harassment. Dr. K and Yvonne explored the reason it is difficult for victims of sexual assault and harassment to talk about their experiences. 

They also explored why the body freezes up when people undergo sexual assault. Dr. K talked about catatonia, which is a neurological response that activates in threatening situations. The person freezes up and gets stuck. They are unable to move or speak and are minimally responsive to external stimuli.

Check out the full interview here!


This was a very insightful and enlightening interview. Many of us struggle with imposter syndrome, lack of self-care, and talking about our painful experiences. Having someone who is willing to talk about their experiences publicly boosts the strength of our AOE healing, so we want to give a massive thanks to Yvonne for joining us on the HealthyGamer stream.

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