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On Reckful and Suicide


On Reckful and Suicide

We miss you already, Reckful. It was an honor to know you. Our community isn’t the same without you, and we’re all better for having had you in our lives.

For anyone struggling with suicidality, this publicity may intensify it. Please, please check out http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org. Better days are ahead, and you deserve to see them.

Reckful wanted to see good in the world. He valued community and friendship. He was willing to share his struggles, so that other people could get help, too. He inspired thousands of people to take steps to improve their mental health.

Reckful gave people hope. He showed us all the power of healing together, and was the first to use the phrase “AoE Healing.” His commitment to creating safe places online was inspiring, and we’re grateful to have had his early support.

We still have much to do. There’s so much pain with this loss where there was once so much hope. Reckful was such an inspiration to so many. In his honor, please recognize that mental health is a process. There is no magic fix.

We – all of us – are fighting an epidemic of disconnection. Suicide has been on the rise for a decade, and our community is one of the highest-risk populations. Let’s take this seriously. As a society, we have not done enough.

On Friday, we will be here to talk about it all. The grief, the loss, and supporting someone who is struggling with suicidality. In your memory, Reckful, and for the ones you cared about the most.


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