About Healthy Gamer

Healthy Gamer is a mental wellness company built to help the internet generation succeed.

We create accessible, inclusive and affordable mental health resources that empower the internet generation to find peace and purpose through content, community and coaching.

Our Mission

Helping the internet generation take an active role in their mental wellness.

Our approach

For many, it’s not about an SSRI or a diagnosis. It’s about creating a life worth living, and that’s where Healthy Gamer can help.  

Created by Dr. Alok Kanojia, the world-leading expert of gaming psychiatry, Healthy Gamer programming is developed with a combination of well-evidenced interventions: peer-based solutions, meditation, neurochemistry research, and psychiatric/psychological principles.

We call it AoE (area of effect) healing because our approach encompasses the entire individual and the community around them - as one person gets better, we all do.

Why We Exist

Impact Report
Mental illness is on the rise, especially for young people, but mental health resources as they exist aren’t built for the internet generation. Traditional resources are too slow, too old, and too expensive:


cause of death ages 10-34 worldwide


year olds have highest rate of major depressive disorder


average wait time for an appointment


of psychiatrists are 55+ years old


most expensive disease is depression
We believe in a proactive approach to mental wellness - much like nutrition and exercise are active parts of maintaining physical wellness, coaching and community are just some of the ways to begin taking a more active role in your own mental wellness.

Commitment to Ethics

We understand that when you create something new, questions will come up - and we welcome those questions. That’s why we’ve outlined what Healthy Gamer resources do and the distinct lines between traditional therapy and our offerings.

Learn more about how Healthy Gamer upholds ethics while creating services and content to help the internet generation:
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The three pillars of content, community, and coaching enable you to explore at your own pace with the support of people who “get” it, and the option to work more proactively with a coach.



Work directly with a Healthy Gamer coach, trained by Dr. Alok Kanojia.

Personal and group coaching are now available.
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A curated collection of videos about current mental health topics. Find additional resources and written blog posts here.
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Join 55,000+ Healthy Gamers on Discord to discuss and share experiences about mental health in a safe, healthy environment.  It’s the most supportive, positive place on the internet, come hang.
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Meet Dr. K

Dr. Alok Kanojia, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, lifelong gamer, recovered gaming addict, and co-founder of Healthy Gamer.
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Origin Story

Meet the team
We’re here because of you. What started as a curiosity-driven AMA has turned into a passionate and mission-driven organization that simply wouldn’t exist without your support and participation.

That AMA sparked thousands of comments and discussions that blossomed into a vibrant Discord community and a Twitch channel that redefined how we talk about mental wellness.

Now, inspired by your dedication, we’re continuing to grow and evolve. With Healthy Gamer, we’ve developed content, community and coaching as our three pillars of addressing mental wellness. We’ve launched the Healthy Gamer foundation and raised millions of dollars that go directly towards improving mental wellness for the internet generation. And there’s plenty more to do. 

We’re thrilled and humbled by your role in our shared story, and we look forward to continuing that journey together.

We started trying to help people with video game addiction. It turned into something so much more.

What started with a casual Reddit AMA then turned into a modest Twitch stream has turned into a movement towards modern mental health support made for and by the internet generation. Creators, industry veterans, and chat soon came together in a fundraiser to kickstart Healthy Gamer Coaching, a peer support program designed to support the needs of people who grew up online.

After a successful coaching pilot, Healthy Gamer added more coaches and began streaming educational mental health content live on Twitch with guests talking about all things mental health: the good, the hard, and the memes. 

An incredible community banded together to help each other stay accountable and support each other through their mental health journeys. Soon, Healthy Gamer wasn’t about just one streamer or one school of thought, it was an inclusive platform that united people from all over the internet to take steps towards better mental health.

Today, Healthy Gamer has worked with over 12,000 clients across 65 countries and has reached millions of people online with educational mental health content.