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Healthy Gamer Coaching

Healthy Gamer Coaching bridges the gap in mental health with affordable, online coaching that drives real results. It can increase self-worth and motivation while decreasing feelings of depression and anxiety. Every single Healthy Gamer Coach is certified through a curriculum designed by Dr. K. Our peer coaching model means that your coaches get it, because they’ve been there.

Healthy Gamer Coaching is:

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An ongoing process for creating lasting change
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A supportive relationship with someone who gets it
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A non-clinical support tool

Healthy Gamer Coaching is NOT:

One session of transformation that fixes your life
Treatment for clinical mental illness or medical conditions
Included with coaching

Dr. K's Guide to Mental Health Standalone experience through 100+ videos

Take control of your mental health
Mirror the experience of working directly with Dr. K in his office
Takes a journey through Depression, Anxiety, and Meditation
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Group Coaching: You + Your coach + 6 others

Gain insight from multiple perspectives
Grow in a supportive environment led by your coach
Learn to recognize your value and agency
Starting at just $30/session
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Personal Coaching: You + Your coach

Move at your own pace
Build tailored strategies for personal growth
Dedicated time to process your experiences and emotions
Starting at just $45/session
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How are Healthy Gamer Coaches trained?

Healthy Gamer Coaches are trained and certified through Dr. Alok Kanojia’s 10-week curriculum: 2 weeks of didactic learning from Dr. Kanojia, and 8 weeks of hands-on group and personal coaching experience. The Healthy Gamer Coach certification program combines perspectives on mental health and wellness to give coaches effective evidence-based techniques to approach your challenges.
Coaches also participate in ongoing supervision and training led by Dr. K to continue to level up their skills.

Healthy Gamer Coaching
drives results.

Based on internal surveys:
9/10 clients experience 45% improvement in feelings of anxiety
8/10 clients experience 47% improvement in feelings of depression
8/10 clients experience 32% improvement in sense of life purpose
8/10 clients experience 25% improvement in sense of control

These outcomes represent maximum improvements in clients over 12 weeks of Healthy Gamer coaching. Data from IRB approved coaching outcomes research study.

Affordable pricing

Access to mental health shouldn’t be exclusive. We keep our costs low and resources accessible. Services are billed monthly.

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Dr. K's notes
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Dr. K's Guide to Mental Health ($60 USD value) included for the duration of your coaching!
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12 sessions
16 sessions
20 sessions
Dr. K's Guide to Mental Health ($60 USD value) included for the duration of your coaching!
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What is the cancellation policy?

Personal coaching meetings can be rescheduled or cancelled with 24 hours notice. A session is considered missed with no refund if:
you fail to reschedule or cancel outside the 24 hour period before your next session’s start time
you are more than 15 minutes late
Group coaching involves coordination between many people and thus meetings cannot be rescheduled or skipped and refunded.
If coaching isn't working out for you, we will refund 100% of sessions that you had paid for but not used. Your refund will be credited back to your original form of payment. Refunds take 5 - 7 business days to be processed. Past sessions or missed sessions are nonrefundable. Contact information for initializing a cancellation can be found on the Coaching Discord server or on your platform Profile page.

Apply for subsidized coaching!

Our Subsidy Fund is in place to provide subsidized or free coaching to those who may find coaching useful but may not be able to afford it due to their personal or their country's economic situation. Our ethos is that we want to best support you now so in the future you're able to better support yourself and possibly others.
Healthy Gamer contributes 10% of our corporate partnerships to the Subsidy Fund and it is also provided by sponsors on a first come, first serve basis. We have started making these funds publicly available and you can follow this link to apply for the Subsidy Fund.