How Can Healthy Gamer Coaching Change my Life?

How Can Healthy Gamer Coaching Change my Life?

Healthy Gamer Coaching is live and we’re excited to have you on board! We use peer-to-peer coaching to create a modern and accessible approach to mental health and wellness, which works for gamers.

Healthy Gamer Coaches are trained by Dr. K to tackle issues like:

  • Video game addiction
  • Procrastination
  • Motivation
  • Life purpose
  • Relationships
  • Social anxiety
  • and more!


Healthy Gamer Coaching Results

We analyzed data collected over eight weeks,  and we found that at the end of those eight weeks, there was:

Life Purpose

  • Overall, a 18% increase in life purpose and meaning.
  • 20% reduction in the feeling of being stuck in life.
  • 23% increase in the sense of forward momentum in life.

Negative Effects of Video Games

  • Overall, a 14% reduction in the harmful effects of video games.
  • 12% reduction in the sense of playing video games too much.
  • 10% reduction in problems in life due to video games.


  • Overall, an 18% reduction in anxiety.
  • 22% decrease in nervousness, anxiety, and feeling on edge.
  • 25% increase in the ability to relax.


  • Overall a 16% decrease in depression.
  • 28% decrease in feeling down, depressed, or hopeless.
  • 29% decrease in feeling like a failure.


What is Coaching and How is it Different from Therapy?


Coaching and therapy are often confused with each other, but therapy is quite different from coaching.


  • Therapy is a long process that often starts with diagnosis and involves treatment for medical conditions.
  • It uses techniques such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), etc.
  • Therapy can be used with medication.
  • A therapist usually does not have lived experience but has the tools and knowledge of guiding a person through traumas, addictive behaviors, etc.
  • A mental health provider such as a psychiatrist, psychologist facilitates therapy.

Peer Coaching

  • It does not involve a diagnosis of a mental health condition.
  • Coaching employs some therapy techniques but uses others such as Reflective Listening, Open-Ended questions, etc. It overlaps with counseling.
  • Healthy Gamer Coaching is based on the peer-to-peer coaching model, which is a non-clinical support tool.
  • Anyone can be a coach! Coaches have lives experience of the issues they help their clients with. They have both the knowledge and the experience of overcoming addiction.
  • Healthy Gamer Coaches are trained and certified through Dr. K’s curriculum, which combines gamer psychology, old school addiction psychiatry, and eastern perspectives.

Important Note: Healthy Gamer Coaching is not a diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition, clinical mental illness. It is also not a quick fix; it is a process where our Coaches work with you over weeks to months to create sustainable change. Clients start to see a noticeable difference at eight weeks of coaching.


Why the Peer Model Works for Coaching

Recovery from addiction is a long-term process. We know a lot about addiction, but not enough about recovery.

A study looked at individuals in long-term recovery from substance abuse over 12 years. It examined the factors that they cited as being important in establishing and maintaining their recovery status.

The study asked participants to describe their most significant experiences that helped start and maintain recovery. Their results from their responses are as follows:

  • 46% reported that learning about and experiencing the escalating consequences of substance use was instrumental in their path to recovery.
  • 30% said that the support of peers, family, and friends was crucial.
  • 26% got help from 12-step fellowships (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous)
  • 16% reported their success as a result of their drive to recover and move forward.
  • 22% attributed their recovery to their treatment/help from professionals.

Note: The sum is greater than 100 due to multiple answers.

Peer to Peer Coaching Model

The takeaway from this study is that learning about the consequences of your addiction can be instrumental on the path to recovery, and support from peers who have shared lived experiences can go a long way.

Two-thirds of the participants in this study used both treatment and self-help groups to recover, particularly those with more severe, and longer substance use histories. Unsurprisingly, findings from the study show that people with a history of addiction can recover to become productive members of society. Peer-support is paramount in these groups.


How are the Healthy Gamer Coaches trained?

HG Coaches are trained and certified through Dr. Kanojia’s curriculum. It is designed around the unique way that gamers think, behave, and succeed. HG Coaches help their clients understand their minds to remove barriers and take action towards a fulfilling life.

Dr. K’s certification program combines perspectives on mental health and wellness to give Healthy Gamer Coaches multiple tools to approach your challenges.

Coaches get trained for over ten weeks. Their training comprises of two weeks of lecturing, and eight weeks of supervised coaching.

Healthy Gamer Coach Training

What Skills do Healthy Gamer Coaches Have?

Some of the skills that Healthy Gamer Coaches get trained with are:

  • Reflective Listening
  • Addiction 101
  • Mental Health Education
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cultural Competency
  • Advocacy
  • Wellness Support
  • Responsibility for Clients
  • and more!

Healthy Gamer Coaches are authentic, compassionate, and they are present to support their clients.


What Kinds of Issues Can Coaching Help With?

Healthy Gamer Coaches works to remove personal and environmental obstacles to personal growth. HG Coaches understand gamers: what makes us tick, our unique obstacles, specialized skills, and driving forces.

HG Coaches create effective and targeted personal growth strategies in a casual environment. It is excellent for people who want to get better and move out of addictive behaviors. Our Coaching Program provides the support group you need.

Peer coaching works because our coaches have learned from their experiences. Combined with an evidence-based skill set, we can help you make a change towards a more meaningful life. Healthy Gamer Coaches are trained by Dr. K to tackle issues like:

  • Video game addiction
  • Procrastination
  • Motivation
  • Life purpose
  • Relationships
  • Social anxiety
  • and more!


What Kind of Coaching Should I Sign Up For?

We offer Group Coaching and Personal Coaching, both of which are successful formats and have different advantages. Learn more below!

Healthy Gamer Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is designed for the individual. Go in 50-minute sessions in a one-on-one format. It starts at $45/session.

Here’s why personal coaching works:

  • Focus on issues that matter the most to you.
  • 100% of the Coach’s attention is on you.

Group Coaching

Healthy Gamer Group Coaching

Group Coaching taps into the power of the community. Groups give you unique perspectives on issues in your life from others experiencing the same thing. Go in 90-minutes sessions in a 9-person format. It starts at $30/session.

Here’s why group coaching works:

  • Learn about yourself with the help of others.
  • Develop meaningful relationships.

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Build the Life You Want to Live

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