Healthy Gamer is on a mission to build affordable, accessible, inclusive mental health resources for the digital generation. We are looking for talented people who care about mental health to join our growing team.


We are a scrappy team of people who love figuring out complex problems and delivering the best solutions. We seek people who think strategically, understand the community and can execute with precision. If you love to create things and think deeply, Healthy Gamer wants to hear from you!

If you grew up on the Internet like us, you know mental health is more important than ever. But many people face obstacles when seeking traditional mental health care, like finding the right support or having the right insurance.

At Healthy Gamer, we think modern mental health care should be inclusive and affordable. Our coaching service has helped over 5,000 people across 65 countries since it launched last November. Our movement is gaining traction, putting us in the top 0.1% of Twitch streamers and top 1% of YouTube channels. And we’re working on even more resources to help people find a way forward when they need it.

We’ve made an impact in the gaming community, but that’s not where our mission ends. We want to change how people think about and deal with mental health, and we’re looking for passionate people to help us get there.

We do our best work when we:


Help in a way people want to be helped


Advocate for gamers and their health


Research, distill, then pioneer the unknown


Add to conversations, ideas and products


Think through the end-game and focus on execution


Make sure the gear you spin helps spin another


As a team player at an early-stage startup, you will play a significant role in the creation of products and success of the company as a whole. We are a remote team of grinders with benefits to match. Full-time employees receive:

  • Travel credit
  • WFH technology budget
  • Food delivery credit
  • Health / dental / vision
  • 401K

Become a Coach

We're always looking for new coaches to help make an impact on our community. To become a coach, you must have a valid coach certification. The HG Institute offers a verification process for individuals who already hold certifications from ICF, NBHWC, or other comparable coaching programs. If you already have a valid certification, join our waitlist and we'll let you know as soon as we start recruiting for a new cohort. If you are not currently certified as a coach, we invite you to check out the coach certification offered by the HG Institute.
Note: HG Coaches are contractors who have the flexibility to set their own hours. Coaches do not receive full-time benefits and contracts are under no obligation to renew.


Healthy Gamer Coach

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