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Healthy Gamer Coaching

Mental health is changing. The issues people face today are not the same as they were 50, 20, or even 10 years ago. Healthy Gamer Coaching is a modern solution for modern challenges.

Why It Works

  • Move at your own pace
  • Build strategies tailored to your personal growth
  • Peer guidance from people who relate to your experience
  • Weekly sessions to process your emotions and challenges


We keep our coaching affordable to help as many people as possible. Prices start at just $30/session.


Coaching sessions are held weekly via Discord. So, you can get guidance from the comfort of your own home.


Connect with peers who know what you’re going through, and a coach with direct insight on how to overcome the challenges of growing up online.
Dr. K's Guide to Mental Health
Explore Anxiety, Depression, and Meditation guided by Dr. Alok Kanojia, and learn the skills you need to move towards a stronger state of mind.
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Our Coaches

Healthy Gamer Coaches are experienced in helping you understand yourself so you can reach your goals.

They provide peer support, and have a unique understanding of your challenges, because they’ve been through them too.
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