Dr. Alok Kanojia, MD MPH

President & Co-Founder of Healthy Gamer
Dr. Alok Kanojia, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, lifelong gamer, recovered gaming addict, and cofounder of Healthy Gamer.

Healthy Gamer leverages Dr. K’s expertise in psychiatry to help the internet generation live fulfilling and healthy lives.
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About Dr. Alok Kanojia

Alok Kanojia, MD MPH, also known as “Dr. K”, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist specializing in modern mental health. He is the President and Cofounder of Healthy Gamer, a mental health platform that provides content, coaching, and community to young people. 

Dr. Kanojia’s integrative medical and psychiatric training includes Harvard Medical School’s MGH/McLean Residency Program, 100+ meditation therapies, and an evidence-based background in Ayurvedic mental health. He began studying alternative therapies including yoga, meditation, and Reiki in 2003 with particular attention to the Ayurvedic principle that mental health is inextricably linked to physical health.

Dr. Kanojia’s credentials include research, policy, teaching, and clinical expertise:

Harvard Medical School
Instructor in Psychiatry

Journal Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine and Psychosomatics
Ad-Hoc Article Reviewer

Council Of Ayurveda Research

Osher Research Center – Harvard Medical School and Tufts

Center For Complementary And Integrative Medicine

Ayurveda Journal of Health
Associate Editor

Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine
Stress Management and Resiliency Trainer

Bihar School Of Yoga
Yoga And Meditation Certification
With public health, psychiatric, CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine), and yogic training, as well as experience teaching at Harvard Medical School, designing resilience programs for Massachusetts General Hospital, creating content for Twitch and YouTube, and cofounding Healthy Gamer, Dr. Kanojia has a unique first-hand perspective on:

• Evidence-based interventions for modern mental health stressors
• Alternative approaches to mental health for underserved populations
• Entertaining psycho-education content 
• Curriculum design for clinicians and paraprofessionals
• Mental wellness program design for high-performance teams
• Modern career stress/burnout management

Dr. Kanojia’s Healthy Gamer programs have been proven to significantly reduce depression and anxiety in thousands of people across 119 countries. His popular psychoeducational content can be found on Twitch and YouTube. Dr. Kanojia runs The Healthy Gamer Foundation and the HG Institute with his wife and cofounder, Kruti Kanojia, MBA. His work at the Healthy Gamer Foundation includes advising the United Nations, the US Surgeon General’s Office, and other NGO’s regarding youth mental health and the intersection of technology with mental health.