Commitment to Ethics

Mental health issues are at an all-time high, and we believe it’s important to do what we can to make it better. That’s why we created Healthy Gamer, a mental health platform designed to help the internet generation live our best IRL. 

The mental health resources available today are too old, too slow and too expensive - especially for the digital generation. While innovation in healthcare is stifled by a pervasive risk-averse culture, we believe that new resources and approaches are needed to empower young people today to build meaningful lives.

We understand that when you create something new, questions will come up - and we welcome those questions. That’s why we’ve outlined what Healthy Gamer resources do and the lines between traditional therapy and our offerings.
“Many who counseled me did so from a place of genuinely caring about protecting me and a basic sense of being risk-averse. I’m lucky to have absolute titans in the field of mental health supporting me personally and Healthy Gamer as a movement. Our mission is to provide people with a roadmap for dealing with all of their mental health challenges - not to diagnose or prescribe.”

- Dr. K

What Consent Do Twitch Guests Give Before Stream?

One of our core principles at Healthy Gamer is “don’t worry alone”. The impact of seeing someone else process the things you’re struggling with - whether it’s being cheated on or ADD - can not be understated. Our guests who join Dr. K or one of our other experts on stream believe in that mission and proactively agree to discuss certain topics in a public forum with the goal of reducing stigma and providing space for discussion. 

The line we draw between stream and therapy is when the topic is getting too close to giving medical advice: a diagnosis or medications. This is something we discuss with guests in advance, and also in our follow up discussions with our guests. 

At the end of this, while we do have several layers of policies to protect everyone involved, we’re humans trying to help other humans through impactful, relatable conversations about mental health. Simply knowing that you’re not alone, everyone struggles, and that there is a way forward no matter how hopeless it seems can make all the difference.

All guests are made aware of the public nature of the conversation, are given contact info to requests modifications or edits, agree that the conversation is for educational purposes, and agree that no medical or therapeutic relationship (i.e. no doctor-patient relationship) is formed between the guest and HG.

Healthy Gamer Coaching (Group, Personal, Parents, Creator) vs. Therapy

Coaching is commonly defined as a process to help improve a person's performance. It is a self-directed process that helps a person change in the way they wish to change. Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice, and leads to change.

Healthy Gamer Coaching is a process to help you better understand how your mind works and provide a path forward, so you can build a life that helps you achieve your goals.

While both coaching and therapy use evidence-based techniques and intentional dialogue, there are important differences. Coaching is focused on "building" through planning, introspection, and awareness, while therapy is more about "fixing" something through clinical diagnoses, medication, and/or treatment. Coaching helps prioritize, set goals, and understand the root of discontent or unhappiness. Therapy is intended to alleviate clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. 

You can learn more about that here.

Ethics FAQ

Has Healthy Gamer received support from other mental health professionals?

Healthy Gamer has received overwhelming support from health professionals from around the world. In fact, the vast majority of early users for the parenting resources were mental health professionals themselves, which speaks to the tangible benefits of the approach. Many Healthy Gamer clients joined based on a recommendation from their own therapist to fill a gap psychopharm or talk therapy couldn’t.

Do Twitch guests know the difference between what happens on stream and therapy?

Yes. We meet with every guest in advance and clearly explain the goal of the stream and distinctions between the conversation that takes place and therapy.

The guest partners with Dr. K or any other expert they will be streaming with and aligns on the topics, approach and goal of the stream.

Do you support Twitch guests after they go on stream?

Absolutely. Healthy Gamer’s most valuable asset in our community and human-first approach. We are grateful to each guest for helping reduce stigma and open a dialogue about mental health, and we encourage their focus on mental health to continue through any of our existing resources, or by referrals to other mental health services as appropriate.

We also offer Creator Coaching if a stream guest wants to continue their mental health journey with a Healthy Gamer Coach. Free for Twitch Partners

What resources do you provide for users who are looking for therapy?

Our goal and priority is the mental health of our community. Healthy Gamer regularly recommends therapy to our community if and/or when it is appropriate or to supplement our content and coaching programs with additional resources.

Why isn’t coaching regulated like therapy?

Coaching, unlike therapy, is not a clinical practice designed to diagnose clients with mental health issues. Healthy Gamer Coaching is suitable for you if you do not have a clinical illness and want to work on the obstacles that are preventing you from building the life you want. If you are unsure about whether you have a clinical illness, then we recommend getting evaluated by a licensed mental health professional in an area.

Why isn’t HG free?

HG is committed to affordable, inclusive, accessible support. Content on Twitch and YouTube is always free, and you can find extensive resources here. Because the best coaching outcomes are with paid coaches (not volunteers) who participate in extensive skills development, ongoing case review, and advanced education with professionals, we pay coaches competitive market wages while charging low session rates.

Why does Healthy Gamer cite “pseudoscience”?

HG is committed to building upon the body of knowledge in the field of mental health. Where there is scientific evidence, we review it and apply it to create the strongest support resources possible. Where we rely on our own experiences, our own data, or explore un-evidenced ideas, we always state that we are doing so. The beauty of HG’s core IP is that we are multi-disciplinary and proud to draw upon multiple areas of understanding the brain, mind, and self.