Healthy Gamer Joins Evil Geniuses DOTA 2 at The International 10


HOUSTON, October 1, 2021 - Today, Healthy Gamer, the mental health platform designed to help the digital generation succeed, is working with Evil Geniuses as they take on the world’s biggest DOTA 2 competition at The International. Healthy Gamer co-founder and president Dr. Alok Kanojia, the world-leading expert in gaming psychiatry known as Dr. K, has joined Evil Geniuses as their eighth seat, serving as Mindset and Performance Coach for The International 10. 

Evil Geniuses, one of the original and most iconic professional esports organizations in the world, has a history of not being afraid to make bold moves because of a core belief that winning starts in the preparation, not just in lifting a cup. Since their founding in 1999, the organization has gone on to win dozens of competitions across a range of games, while also leading the way in terms of diversity and inclusion and innovative partnerships. 

“At Evil Geniuses, there is no settling. We are constantly pushing for what’s next, how we can evolve, and how we take our teams to the next level. That’s why we’ve enlisted the coaching support of Dr. K and Healthy Gamer,” said Danny Engels, Director of Gaming Excellence for Evil Geniuses. “Having helped millions of gamers worldwide - and a gamer himself - Dr. K is uniquely qualified to play the role of Mindset and Performance Coach for us. When you’ve maxed out on skill and technique, becoming champions comes down to teamwork and performance under pressure, and Dr. K has helped our team reach the next level.” 

In 2021, Dr. Kanojia has previously assisted the team through tournaments such as The Singapore Major, and the WePlay AniMajor where Evil Geniuses saw world-class results, finishing second place globally in each. Ahead of The International X, Evil Geniuses has enlisted Healthy Gamer to focus on mental fortitude, resilience and teamwork. When millions of people are watching and there are championships on the line, it takes more than skill. At the most elite level, everyone has the ability; it’s the intangibles that make champions, and that’s where Dr K’s holistic approach and expertise in resilience come in.

“As a DOTA 2 nerd and massive fan of Evil Geniuses, being a part of their journey has been an incredible experience. What’s most impressive about Evil Geniuses is not just their championships, it’s the fact that they’ve never stopped innovating and pushing the industry forward,” said Dr. K. “The mental aspect of gaming is just as important as skill, and I’m proud to join Evil Geniuses DOTA 2 as they embrace mental health and empower both the individual players and the team. Their leadership in the mental health space is an example for the rest of the esports industry.”  

Healthy Gamer has mobilized millions of people around the world towards better mental health through content, coaching and community. Healthy Gamer works with today’s top streamers, creators, industry professionals and esports athletes to work past burnout, imposter syndrome, social media toxicity, and more - helping people at the top of their game return to loving what they do.

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Healthy Gamer creates accessible, inclusive and affordable mental health resources that empower the digital generation to find peace and purpose through content, community and coaching. Traditionally, mental health has been a guided, one-way tour, but Healthy Gamer believes in a choose-your-own-adventure approach with a supportive community behind you. 

Healthy Gamer programming is developed with a combination of evidence-based interventions, meditation and Ayurveda, neurochemistry research, and peer-based coaching. We call it AoE (area of effect) healing because our approach encompasses the entire individual and the community around them - as one person gets better, we all do.

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