What is HG?

Healthy Gamer is a mental health platform tackling emerging issues for people who grew up online. We are on a mission to serve the digital generation with mental health solutions built by and for them. We create accessible, inclusive and affordable mental health resources that empower the digital generation to find peace and purpose through content, community and coaching. HG - formerly known as Healthy Gamer - is a mental health platform that encompasses content, coaching, and community designed by Dr. Alok Kanojia, the world authority on mental health for young people. 

What is coaching?

Coaching is commonly defined as a process to help improve a person's performance. It is a self-directed process that helps a person change in the way they wish to change. Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice, and leads to change.

Healthy Gamer Coaching is a process to help you better understand how your mind works and provide a path forward, so you can build a life that helps you achieve your goals.

This program is not meant to diagnose mental illness, prescribe medication, or be used for urgent health crisis. Coaching is not therapy nor a substitute for therapy, and coaches are not therapists.

Why was HG created?

Originally created as a resource for video game addiction, HG has since broadened out to mental health for the internet generation. HG now focuses on filling the gaps of today’s mental health solutions through subclinical resources.


Originally a resource for video game addiction, HG has since broadened out to mental health for the internet generation. Mental health is the only area of health that continues to get worse with several people disproportionately impacted. ​​HG is on a mission to make it easier for people to take control of their mental health through subclinical resources.

Who is Dr. K?

Dr. Alok Kanojia, also known as “Dr. K”, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist specializing in mental health for young people and high-performance individuals. He is the President and Cofounder of HG, a mental health platform that helps young people take control of their mental health and their lives. He streams under the handle healthygamer_gg.

Read more about Dr.K here. 

Does HG have any financial backers?

Nope, HG is completely bootstrapped. In the spring of 2020, HG raised approximately $125K from a Twitch fundraiser which paved the way for the HG Coaching program. We are proud to work only in the interest of our community.

How do people engage with HG?

HG provides content, community and coaching in a variety of ways that allow people to take steps forward in their mental wellness journey, at their own pace. You can find HG on Reddit, Twitch, Discord, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other online channels where our community thrives.

Who uses HG?

HG is a mental health platform for the internet generation. We meet people where they are in their mental health journey and provide resources for anyone who wants to take a step forward and create sustainable change in their life.

What are the offerings in your Awareness portfolio?

The Awareness portfolio is for addressing the unique mental health challenges faced by the digital generation:

  • Healthy Gamer Twitch stream is the place where there is no stigma against mental health. Dr. K has open and honest conversations around the mental health challenges we all face, offering guidance, levity and a path forward. 
  • Healthy Gamer Discord is the home for a community of more than 45 thousand members of the HG fam to discuss and share their experiences in a safe, healthy environment.

What are the offerings in your Ownership portfolio?

The Ownership portfolio is for giving the digital generation the opportunity to take ownership in their mental health journey:

  • Personal Coaching is a one-to-one, tailored program to help people through their mental health journey using the AoE Healing methodology.
  • Group Support is a series of guided discussions that fosters both self-exploration and a community uplifting itself - when one of us gets better, we all do. 
  • Parent Coaching is a twelve-week program that combines virtual workshops and support groups, equipping you to support your child, build your relationship and engage in their mental health journey proactively. 
  • Dr. K's Guide to Mental Health takes users on a journey of self understanding through a progression of 70+ video chapters taught by Dr. K. Inspired by Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid, Dr. K designed a choose-your-own-adventure learning experience to help you take control of your mental health using his signature, holistic approach.

What are the offerings in your Engagement portfolio?

The Engagement portfolio is for providing a personalized, tailored approach to addressing mental health challenges:

  • Creator Coaching is a custom, personalized and individual offering for content creators, streamers and others whose reality exists because of and for the digital generation.
  • Ambassador Program is a curated partner program for high-profile influencers who help in sharing our content and messaging.
  • Enterprise Partnerships is a customized offering for businesses looking for mental health support for specific teams or employees that aren’t serviced with traditional corporate benefits.

Is this therapy?

No. According to the American Psychiatric Association, psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Traditional mental health is focused on illnesses, whereas Healthy Gamer focuses on self-understanding, processing, and moving forward to build the life you want.

How many employees, coaches and users does Healthy Gamer have?

Healthy Gamer was founded by Dr. Alok Kanojia, President, and Kruti Kanojia, MBA, CEO. The company is based in Houston, Texas, currently serving hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. As of May 2021, the company has 9 full time employees and 55 coaches.

Who are Healthy Gamer Coaches and what do they do to help me?

Healthy Gamer Coaches are trained peer supporters that have similar personal experiences. Coaches are trained and certified through Dr. Alok Kanojia’s 10-week curriculum: 2 weeks of didactic teaching from Dr. Kanojia, and 2 months of hands-on group and personal coaching experience. Once coaches have proven they can effectively work with clients and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety while increasing a sense of life purpose, they are selected as official Healthy Gamer Coaches. The Healthy Gamer Coach certification program combines multiple perspectives on mental health and wellness to give coaches effective, evidence-based techniques to support your mental health. 

Our coaches train with Dr. K to learn his proprietary curriculum which helps gamers understand themselves and gain control of their lives. Healthy Gamer Coaches meet with clients weekly to help them first understand their thought processes, then create goals, and support changes towards achieving these goals. We tackle emotions, complicated interpersonal dynamics, and work on issues like motivation, relationships, isolation, and more.

How is coaching different from therapy?

While both coaching and therapy use evidence-based techniques and intentional dialogue, there are important differences. Coaching is focused on "building" through planning, introspection, and awareness, while therapy is more about "fixing" something through clinical diagnoses, medication, and/or treatment. Coaching helps prioritize, set goals, and understand the root of discontent or unhappiness. Therapy is intended to alleviate clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. You can learn more about that here: https://www.healthygamer.gg/blog/healthy-gamer-coaching-vs-therapy-which-one-is-right-for-me

What happens in Healthy Gamer Personal Coaching?

You will meet with a Healthy Gamer coach weekly for 1-on-1 sessions (50 minutes) where they will ask questions, dig into the emotions behind your behavior, provide more context about how external/internal factors affect your mindset, discover links about how external/internal factors affect your mindset, and provide support towards reaching your goals.

What happens in Healthy Gamer Group Coaching?

You will meet with a Healthy Gamer coach and up to 6 other people in weekly sessions (90 minutes) where you will be guided to ask questions, dig into the emotions behind your behavior, provide more context about how external/internal factors affect your mindset, discover links about how external/internal factors affect your mindset, and provide support towards reaching your goals. In the group format, participants will engage in listening and compassion for other group members and receive compassionate feedback from others as well.

What should I expect to gain from Healthy Gamer Coaching?

While every coaching experience varies, the vast majority of clients experience: 

  • an increased sense of self-awareness, 
  • ability to set boundaries, 
  • ability to create work that is personally fulfilling, 
  • increased self-esteem, 
  • healthier personal and professional relationships, 
  • resiliency from criticism/rejection/setbacks, 
  • ability to anticipate and manage stress

How do I sign up for coaching?

Check out https://coaching.healthygamer.gg/ to sign up for personal or group coaching.

Why is the platform telling me there are no sessions currently available?

Coaching spots open up on a daily basis as clients finish out our program. Generally, we have 5-7 spots on average open day-to-day. Check back periodically to see if there are any available times or join the waitlist to be notified when new spots open up that match your availability.

For how long should I see a coach?

Personal coaching is available in 12, 16, and 20-week packages. Group coaching is available in a 16-week package. Most of our clients find that 16 weeks of personal coaching and 16 weeks of group coaching are the lengths that work for them.

If you're feeling especially stuck, experiencing a number of challenges, or are resistant to support, a longer coaching relationship is recommended.

How frequent are the coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are at the same time weekly for the duration of your package. If you ever need to cancel a session or reschedule to a new time, contact your coach at least 24 hours before the scheduled session time to figure out an alternative time that works for both of your schedules.

How does billing work?

Coaching is billed in installments of 4 every month until the package you signed up for is paid off - it is not an indefinite recurring subscription. All prices are in USD.

Down the line, if you think coaching isn't working out for you and you'd like to drop the program, we would 100% refund all future sessions that you had paid for but not used. Your refund will be credited back to your original form of payment. Refunds take 5 - 7 business days to be processed. Past sessions or missed sessions are nonrefundable.

Can I just get one single coaching session?

It is not possible to order fewer sessions than what is available through our coaching packages. If you feel that at any point coaching isn't working for you or that you've gotten the full benefit of coaching, just contact a coaching administrator and we can refund you for all future unused meetings. We don’t want to give the impression that a trial of one or two sessions is going to uncover all your problems / change your life / etc. Coaching is a process and commitment by the client in order to see the change they want to see.

What is the cancellation policy?

Personal coaching meetings can be rescheduled or cancelled with 24 hours notice. A session is considered missed with no refunds if you fail to reschedule or cancel outside the 24 hour period before your next session’s start time or you are more than 15 minutes late. Group coaching involves coordination between many people, and thus meetings cannot be rescheduled or skipped and refunded. If coaching isn't working out for you, we will refund 100% of sessions that you had paid for but not used. Your refund will be credited back to your original form of payment. Refunds take 5 - 7 business days to be processed. Past sessions or missed sessions are nonrefundable.

What options do I have if I cannot afford your services?

Our Subsidy Fund is in place to provide subsidized or free coaching to those who may find coaching useful but may not be able to afford it due to their personal or their country's economic situation. Our ethos is that we want to best support you now so in the future you're able to better support yourself and possibly others. You can apply here.

Can I get coaching from Dr. K?

There is not an option to sign up for coaching with Dr. K through our platform. He is quite busy developing the Healthy Gamer Coaching Program!

Where can I apply to become an HG coach?

I had applied to be an HG coach before, but did not get the position. Should I apply again?

Yes, feel free to apply again (it’ll be through the same portal), however, it is highly encouraged that you seek other opportunities or experiences to bolster your application.

How many people will be hired for the coaching position?

Coaching cohorts range in size, but are typically 15-30 coaches.

How long will it take to get a response for my Healthy Gamer coach application?

On average, the team will be able to get you a response within 1-2 weeks for each step of the hiring process. For example, it would take 1-2 weeks for you to get a response for your written application.

What are the qualifications that the hiring team is looking for?

We are looking for applicants who have the skills to become an effective coach (i.e., listening, empathy, etc.), have the ability to commit at least 20 hours to the position, and have the life experiences and knowledge to serve our community. Other pluses include: being bilingual and able to work evenings and weekends.

I do not currently reside in the US; am I allowed to apply as an international applicant?

Yes, we are welcoming international applicants this time.

I saw that the application states that HG is trying to hire coaches that are multilingual. Does only speaking English make my application void?

Nope, feel free to apply! While the hiring team is placing an emphasis on applicants that are multilingual, we will still process and review all applicants in a fair and equal manner.

What is the difference between a resume and a cover letter?

A resume is a concise document that lists your previous work experiences and qualifications. A cover letter (CV) is a short, more personal, one page document that talks more about why you think you would be a good fit for the HG coach position.

I'm currently in the process of getting my medical degree/am a licensed medical professional. Do my qualifications impact my application at all?

At this moment we are not looking to hire medical professionals to avoid the possibility of our coaches being misconstrued as offering mental health/professional medical advice.

Who should I reach out to if I have any questions about my application?

@DragonDing [Coach Admin] on Discord or email dragon@healthygamer.gg.

Is the HG coach position a full time or part time position?

Being a HG coach is a full time position and we expect our coaches to work at minimum 20+ hours a week; applicants with an even higher time commitment may be prioritized.

Is the HG coach a volunteer or paid position?

Being a HG coach is a paid position, and the base salary is $20/hour but can increase up to $37.50/hour depending on performance and hours of coaching performed.

How flexible is the HG coach position?

Extremely flexible. You get to decide when and how long you want to work every day, and our platform will help to match you with clients at those times.

I’m currently in the process of obtaining my psychology degree and really love the work that the HG team is doing. I would love to help out in any way I can. Do you think I would be a good fit for the position?

Because coaching is a full-time commitment, we place an emphasis on hiring applicants who do not have any other major time commitments. Due to the inherent time commitment for academia, students will most likely not be hired.

I’m currently working a full time job, but want to help the HG community. Would I be able to to be a HG coach part time?

Coaching is a full-time commitment and we are looking to hire applicants who are able to work 20/30+ hours a week. Due to these time constraints, we will most likely not be able to hire someone with a full time job.

I want to apply for the HG coach position, but I am afraid that I am not qualified or ready to talk with other people. Is there anything I can do to prepare?

If you do get hired to be a coach, you will work with Dr. K and other veteran coaches through a curriculum which includes didactic seminars, roleplays, and an extensive period of supervised coaching before working with paying clients. Even after you start working in an official coach capacity, HG provides case reviews, office hours, and support for any difficulties or challenges you may run into.

What does the HG curriculum entail?

The HG curriculum is a 10 week program, in which you will work with Dr. K and other veteran coaches for 2 hours for 2 weeks to learn and practice the techniques and skills you’ll need to be a successful coach. Following the teaching period, you will work as a trainee coach with 3 clients and a group for 8 weeks under the supervision of Dr. K, supervisors, and veteran coaches.

Is the HG curriculum paid?

No. The HG curriculum and your supervised coaching period are both unpaid.

Can I receive the HG curriculum resources without becoming a coach?

The HG coaching curriculum is reserved for those who are hired to become coaches. However, Dr. K often demonstrates the skills and techniques taught during the curriculum on stream or in YouTube videos, so feel free to check them out!

Besides being a coach, are there other ways that I could work or volunteer for Healthy Gamer?

Yes! Take a look here for career opportunities with Healthy Gamer. For volunteer opportunities, check out the open positions over at our non-profit, Healthy Gamer Foundation.

Is Healthy Gamer a nonprofit I can partner with?

Healthy Gamer is a social enterprise and not a nonprofit. The Healthy Gamer Foundation is a nonprofit that works in the streaming and gaming communities to advance mental health on a macro scale. Assets for the Healthy Gamer Foundation to host a charity fundraiser can be found here.

Does Dr. K do consulting?

Dr. Alok Kanojia is available for corporate consultations including seminars, workshops, and skills training. He has worked with Google, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and leading esports teams to foster better teamwork, communication, and self-understanding leading to higher productivity.

Will Dr. K endorse my product?

Dr. Alok Kanojia can endorse non-medical products that he has personally tried and thinks would be genuinely beneficial for the Healthy Gamer community. If you have a medical product, please provide full FDA disclosures, studies and any other clinical data to make an informed medical decision. Dr. K is not endorsing alcoholic beverages, stimulants, or CBD products at this time.

Will Healthy Gamer do a charity stream?

Currently, the only charity work we do is for the Healthy Gamer community or through the Healthy Gamer Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to changing the meta of mental health through research, policy, and second chance grants.

Does Healthy Gamer work with universities/colleges?

Yes. We work with colleges around the world on esports teams as well as general college students to offer an additional layer of nonclinical mental health support that helps with: life purpose, control/agency in life, stress management, social anxiety, nonclinical depression, and more.

Can Healthy Gamer help my esports team?

We work with professional and college esports teams to help with a performance mindset, foster trust/communication, and provide emotional support during stressful times. We offer group coaching, personal coaching, and workshop/seminar formats. Please fill out the form over on the Partnerships page or reach out to team@healthygamer.gg.

Can I sponsor coaching?

Yes! We work with companies to create coaching packages for their creators, influencers, ambassadors, players, and/or communities. You can also contribute to our subsidy fund. Please fill out the form on our Partnerships page or reach out to team@healthygamer.gg.

Can I sponsor content?

Yes! We are happy to work on meaningful content sponsorships with brands aligned with our values. Twitch and YouTube sponsorships options are available. Please fill out the form on our Partnerships page or reach out to team@healthygamer.gg. We require a chance to personally test/vet your product before vouching for it.

What kinds of brands do you work with?

We work with consumer brands and esports/content organizations that want to take meaningful steps in helping people live healthier, happier lives.