June 1, 2021

To Help Gamers on Twitch, Dr. K Balances Mental Health Advice With Medical Ethics

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On one side of the screen is Dr. Alok Kanojia. He's in his home office in a plain white t-shirt, fiddling with a pen, listening through his big headphones. He's talking to someone who goes by Mini, who's got on similarly big headphones (hers have cat ears on them). Mini's talking to Kanojia — Dr. K, as he's known to his fans — about how she's suffered depression, low self-esteem, and panic attacks all her life. The thousands of people watching this on the live streaming platform Twitch offer a steady flow of heart emojis and condolences in the chat box. Mini reveals that she's talked with six therapists, but none have given her satisfying answers. "What do you want to hear?" asks Dr. K. She pauses and fidgets and then answers, "what's wrong with me?" The heart emojis come even faster now.

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