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Live with your duty

Dharma means duty or responsibility. In the west, we tend to believe that people should avoid suffering as much as we can. Common sense says that if you’re in a negative place, you should move away from it to a positive place. However, according to the Buddha in eastern religion, human beings are only entitled to two things: suffering and death. Buddha preaches that if you run away from suffering, you will only end up suffering more. Dr. Kanojia has a similar view on problem-solving as the Buddha. He thinks that the right way to live life is not to avoid suffering but to live with your duty and responsibility, which will make you a happier person overall.

You can be something more than yourself

When human beings serve something larger than themselves, they’re able to accomplish great feats. If you look at history, isn’t that always the case? For example, Martin Luther King had a vision that was much grander than his own personal life. He cared about all human beings and their civil rights. On the other end of the spectrum, you can look at Adolf Hitler. Why could he turn Germany, a country where nobody had faith in after WWI, into an empire that impacted the entire world? The idea of being more than yourself and having a sense of responsibility gave these people the courage, power, and endurance to overcome the odds. “If you, as a gamer, can tap into that, you’ll overcome gaming addiction in no time,” Dr. Kanojia said.

How do you find your Dharma?

How do you find your responsibility? Think about the following questions in the back of your mind when you’re outside, doing something other than playing video games. What is the meaning of your existence? What is your responsibility? Who are you responsible for? These questions may sound dumb and even meaningless when you first think about them. However, they are valid questions for you to figure out what it is that you want to do in your life. Go outside, experience nature, experience connecting with people, and take in the experience. “The more you create space away from your analytical mind, which comes up with a logical answer with your limited set of data from playing video games, the more it’s going to stimulate your brain and inspire your thoughts,” Dr. Kanojia said.

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