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We've worked with thousands of gamers.

Video game addiction is a new phenomena. So are the feelings of helplessness parents are experiencing while they watch their children struggle.

Millions of children meet clinical video game addiction criteria. Some estimates show addiction rates as high as 9% in youth under the age of 18*. If your child’s gaming is excessive, is interrupting other areas of their life, and personality has changed -- there is likely something addictive going on.

But, you can help your gamer get back in control now.

It's Not About Quitting The Game. It's About Supporting The Gamer.

Gaming is not without its merits. It’s friendship and exploration. It’s stress relief and a feeling of accomplishment. It’s competition and adventure. You can keep the good stuff without the addiction.
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Family programs

Five dimensions of support

The Healthy Gamer Family Program is designed by gaming expert and reformed gaming addict Dr. Alok Kanojia. It guides parents in rebuilding their relationships with their children and establishing healthy gaming habits.
Physical health
Improve nutrition, sleep, hygiene, physical exercise.
Emotional Stability
Regulate and express both positive and negative emotions.
Social Growth
Maintain and create in-person relationships.
Real World Outcomes
Boost grades, extracurriculars and other measures of success in the real world.
Mental Health
Stabilize mood, recognize where there might be additional mental health issues.
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Family programs

The Experience

Healthy Gamer Family Programs combines our experience working with hundreds of gamers into actionable plans any family can use.
Incorporates cutting-edge research to help you understand your child's brain and body.
Expert Guidance
Designed by a real gamer and renowned gaming expert Dr. Kanojia.
Reconnect with your child to help them reach their full potential.
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Family programs

How do the HG Parent Programs work?

Healthy Gamer Family Programs combines didactic learning, live lectures and group support that enables you to:
Rebuild your relationship
Regain your child’s trust by understanding his/her world and the needs video games fulfill in order to foster empathetic, relationship-centered communication.
Reshape their future
Create a different physical, emotional and social environment to help your child explore his/her full potential.
Prioritize progress
Moving the focus from quitting video games to supporting your child’s real-world success saves both of you from the constant argument around video games.
Control the timeline
Our digital solution does what traditional therapy models can’t - it moves at your pace and gives you the tools you need all at once.
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Family programs

Role as a parent

What role can a parent play in overcoming video game addiction? In our experience, the best role a parent can play is two-fold:
Understand what is going on in your child’s brain both neuroscientifically and psychologically.
Rebuild your relationship with your child to help you both regain control of your lives.
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The 12-week parent coaching program combines workshops and virtual support groups. The program includes:

  • Weekly virtual support group led by a Healthy Gamer Coach trained and supervised by Dr. K.
  • Essential skills for navigating tough relationship challenges.
  • Strategies to manage your child’s expectations, set and enforce boundaries, and deal with resistance.

This course includes:

  • A psychiatric perspective on video gaming addiction.
  • Strategies for constructive conversations with your gamer.
  • Understanding your gamer’s perspective.
  • Frameworks for setting goals, limits and boundaries.
  • Guided exercises to complete with your gamer.
  • Strategies to change the trajectory of your gamer’s future.
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