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Help your child with video game addiction

Our 12-week Family Support Program combines Healthy Gamer Parent Coaching with 12 learning modules to help your family with excessive gaming.
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Program Details

Developed by Harvard-trained Psychiatrist and video game addiction expert, Dr. Alok Kanojia.
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12 Weeks of Parent Coaching: Work with your Healthy Gamer Coach in a group format with up to 5 other families to develop strategies, reflect on progress, and resolve setbacks in a supportive environment in weekly 90-minute sessions.
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12 Learning Modules: Cover key concepts of gamer psychology, parent-child communication, and boundary-setting to create an alliance with your child.
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Our evidence-based approach is trusted by thousands of gamers, professionals, and parents.
This program is for parents with gamers 13 to 26 years of age who don’t know where to start with supporting their gamer or are looking for additional guidance after going through our Action Plan.
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Length: 12 Weeks
Cost: $0 ($0/week)

The Methodology

We focus on three major aspects to equip parents with the right knowledge, actions, and emotional understanding to help their gamer.
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Gamer Psychology Education

Overcoming video game addiction begins with understanding how games affect your child's psychology, neuroscience, and physiology.
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Building an Alliance

The biggest problem in video game addiction is the parent vs. child dynamic. We teach communication skills to help parents connect with and ally with their child.
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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Once parent and child are on the same team, we help parents craft a plan to set and enforce healthy boundaries around gaming.

12 learning modules to help repair your relationship and create healthier habits

Week 1
Program Overview, Live with Dr. K
Week 2
Psychology of Gamers
Week 3
Setting Yourself Up for Success
Week 4
Understanding Your Gamer
Week 5
Insight and Stages of Change
Week 6
Building an Alliance
Week 7
Creating Structure
Week 8
Mental Health Considerations
Week 90
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Week 10
Reinforcing Boundaries
Week 11
Neuropsychology of Gaming
Week 12
Self-Esteem and Dealing with Failure

Learn from Dr. Alok Kanojia, MD MPH.

Recovered video game addict and Harvard-trained Psychiatrist.
"Most gamers call me Dr. K. I've worked with thousands of gamers to find balance with gaming and real life."
Dr. Kanojia
I'm also a gamer myself. In fact, my gaming almost caused me to fail out of college. Now I'm faculty at Harvard Medical School, and I specialize in addiction psychiatry. I've also worked with thousands of gamers (including pro gamers, streamers, and YouTubers) over the past 5 years. Now, I specialize in developing programs that help gamers understand their mind, change their behaviors, and develop a meaningful life.

I founded Healthy Gamer as the best evidence-based approach to balance gaming and real life. In the Family Support Program, you get years of professional experience put to work in an actionable program any family can use."
Building an alliance with your child
Approaching your child’s psychology based on their stage in life
Managing your child’s expectations
Setting and enforcing fair, effective boundaries
Dealing with resistance from your child
Create lasting change in the trajectory of your child’s life
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Dr. K respects gamers and understands the value that games and gaming can bring to a person's life.

At the same time, he fully understands how gaming can become addictive, contributing to failure in school and conflict in families.
Thanks to Dr. K, I now have a far better and more nuanced understanding of what role gaming plays in my child's life, which has allowed me to communicate about gaming with less judgment and more compassion.

 As parents, we have learned to be more compassionate and less judgmental in our interactions, which has helped us to rebuild a trusting relationship with our son. Before, it seemed like everything we did in an effort to help our son backfired, only making things worse. I now feel like we have a clear understanding of what we need to do, and we are building new skills. While the process is slow, things are definitely moving in the right direction.

Every week, Dr. K and our group facilitator modeled authentic, compassionate, and nonjudgmental communication in their interactions with parents. By observing them, I learned a lot about how to be a better communicator myself. This, more than anything, has helped change the dynamic in our family for the better, and I couldn't be more grateful.
-  Sarah, Parent in our pilot program

What Experts and Press are saying

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Healthy Gamer, with its step-by-step treatment plan, will prove to be a powerful and effective resource in the years to come. I urge all parents - as well as my colleagues treating children and adolescents - to preview this program. It will be an enjoyable ride, I promise.
- Dr. Meena Parekh, Pediatrician
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This is a fantastic resource! Alok is a compelling speaker, and I love the way he frames the need for parents to appreciate the importance of the child's experience as a gamer from the get go! I found myself borrowing some of his words in a session with the parents of one of my pre-adolescent clients today when the topic of video games came up.
- John N., LICSW
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It is refreshing to see that we finally have a tool for parents of children struggling with video game addiction. Healthy Gamer is an affordable way to address this behavioral addiction during the crucial developmental years of adolescence.
- Dr. Sagar Vijapura, MD

Our Mission

Healthy Gamer is on a mission to change the face of mental health. As we get more connected through the internet, we’re facing unprecedented mental health challenges that traditional therapy and psychiatry fail to meet. Our goal is to deliver accessible, inclusive, and affordable resources to the internet generation that needs a way forward.

How are Coaches Certified?

Healthy Gamer Coaches are certified through Dr. Alok Kanojia’s 10-week curriculum: 2 weeks of didactic learning from Dr. Kanojia and 8 weeks of hands-on group and personal coaching experience. The Healthy Gamer Coach certification program combines perspectives on mental health and wellness to give coaches effective evidence-based techniques to approach your challenges.

Coaches also participate in ongoing supervision and certifications to level up their skills.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Group coaching involves coordination between many people, and thus, meetings cannot be individually skipped or rescheduled. Past sessions or missed sessions are nonrefundable. If coaching isn't working out for you, we will refund 100% of any sessions that you had paid for but not used. Your refund will be credited back to your original form of payment and will take 5 - 7 business days to be processed.