February 22, 2022

Patch Notes 2/22

Happy 2s-day everyone! Welcome back to HG's Patch Notes, your hub for all things going on behind the scenes of Healthy Gamer. This week's been... busy, to say the least.

From new features, to community stand outs, to coaching W's, here's what we've had going on for the past week:


Hi, Brandon here again! Hope you all had a great Valentine’s weekend. The devs on the product team have added a pretty exciting feature to Dr. K’s Guide this week: favoriting lessons and meditation videos! The feature itself was postponed for a while due to our Mongo → PostgreSQL transition (see last week’s patch notes if you’d like to read more about that). But, we’re glad to finally go live with this feature for you all to use!

Alongside that, we updated a few small things on our coaching platform - namely changing our group feedback forms to a 5-star system (previously a 7-star system) and also adding some additional measures to our outcome measurement surveys that are based off of the PROMIS (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System).

Minor miscellaneous features for maintaining the platform were also put into place, including security updates, decreasing bundle size, and improving our migration script memory usage and speed.

With just a bit more work left to complete the move to PostgreSQL, the product team is excited to get started on more new features and also overhaul some major UI/UX elements on both the client and coach views of the platform. We have a lot of exciting projects coming up and you can keep up with our progress every week through these patch notes!




Hi all! Kabir here again with more community updates. This week was pretty hype! We have a new feature on the discord and an update on our special monthly event! Let’s dive in.

Win of the Week

Healthy Gamer is about creating meaningful change and helping y’all build the lives YOU want to live. So, every week we take some time to acknowledge a significant win from our community.

I personally like Khana’s win because going back to uni at 29 after overcoming burnout and depression is no small feat! On top of that, they got their diploma AND a perfect grade. Crushing it, GG!

New Mental Health Channel

Thanks to our friends over at Discord, we get EXCLUSIVE access to a new feature! Introducing forum channels, a way for our community to create posts and comment on others within discord. Think of it as a mini subreddit within a channel.

Since it’s a very new feature, it is still in development. Unfortunately, android mobile device support is limited at the moment. Which is why the old mental health channel will still exist for android users!

Update to the resize command

Y’all have been very vocal about updating the /resize command in the discord so that users can make a lobby of a size outside of just 5 or 10. And we listened!

You can now create a lobby and resize lobbies to any number between 5 or 10. Just type /resize <number> when you’re in the voice lobby you want to resize.

Dopamine Detox Week 3

The Community Dopamine Detox is going strong! We had our second check-in this week, and it looks like a lot of people struggled. That's totally normal, and honestly, part of the process. Slip ups in a dopamine detox are par for the course, and the best we can do it use them to identifying our triggers and problematic behaviors.

Let’s keep going — we have another week of dopamine detoxing to do. Tune in for the final week!

That’s all for now. See you next week with more updates!



Hi, all!

I’m Lindsay, the Director of Coaching Services, aka Nefer or Refen on Discord. Here are some updates on our coaching program from the past couple of weeks.

New Product In the Works

A dozen Healthy Gamer coaches are currently test-driving a curriculum custom-made for a premium coaching product we hope to launch in 2022. Select clients will be chosen to beta-test this product before an official launch. I can’t give too many specifics, but I think it will be very topical in light of recent events on Reddit

Coach Recruitment

As many may know, we have been operating at a limited capacity of coaching spots for a long while. I am happy to announce that we will be nearly doubling our number of coaches (and consequently, coaching spots!) in 2022. Look out for openings in the coming weeks if you’re interested in becoming a Healthy Gamer coach!

Coaching Wins

One of our personal coaching clients sent in the following feedback to their coach this week. I really appreciate this sentiment because it highlights an important obstacle to having a successful coaching experience. It can be so hard to open up and be vulnerable with someone, but it is also a powerful step towards self-compassion and improvement. WidePeepoHappy

A related sentiment was shared in one of our client’s exit survey forms, and I think it really highlights two important concepts. 1. We all move at our own pace. 2. Coaching is just one step in one’s mental wellness journey.

“I have never believed that anyone could care about me enough to help me. I wanted to see if I was wrong and it wasn't until my final session was when I realized that i was. I am moving on to get help for my problems which was something I only dreamed of doing but never feeling as if I could. Thank you”

That’s all for now, but I’m especially excited to share more heartwarming coaching wins in the coming patch notes. Thanks for your interest and supporting us on our journey of growth!


Kruti's Corner

Our team has been heads down listening to concerns about how and why we do the things that we do. This field is emerging, and there are lots of questions around it. We find ourselves well positioned to educate, not only on how to take control of your mental health but about the mental health landscape as a whole.

This signals a huge step forward for our community, because we are collectively now in a place to advance our understanding of our own mental health and how/why mental health works the way it does. In our piece “The Role of Coaching in Mental Health”, we break down the overall landscape as well as important distinctions between coaching and therapy. Because we live in the frontier of mental health for our community, ethics has always been first and foremost for us. We detail our ethics here. We also spoke about them extensively here.