March 16, 2022

Patch Notes 3/16

Welcome back! Hope those of you in a DST zone didn’t lose too much sleep this past weekend. Our team might’ve lost a bit though... 

Gonna emphasize this again: We’ve been working hard! This week our team’s been especially busy, so this update will be pretty brief.

And again, I can’t say too much about what’s in the works, but, just know May is going to be epic. We should also be getting some big announcements next week, so tune back in for those!

No updates from the Coaching or Community side, so we’re keeping it pretty traditional for this week’s patch notes with some updates from the people who make the internet things work.


Hey all! Brandon here with some minor updates. Our product & dev teams have been working hard recently on revamping our sign up flow for coaching (and also dealing with the mess that is DST). Also, our work with transitioning from MongoDB to PostgreSQL is finally coming to a close after over a month of hard work from the devs! 

We thought it might be interesting to get some comments and perspective from both our designer and frontend engineer about the sign up flow transition process, so I’ll let Tristan and Humza take it from here!


Hey there! My name is Tristan and I'm the Senior Web Designer at Healthy Gamer. Since starting in January, one of my first orders was to improve and streamline the sign-up flow for coaching.

Overall, I made big improvements to typography and organization of information, as well as a dedicated back button, and a "light mode" in order to make the entire flow feel a little more inviting, positive, and uplifting. A dark mode toggle will soon be coming for this and the coaching platform as well.

I'd like to go into more detail on my thoughts and design decisions for each step.

  • On the first step, "Select your coaching type", I redesigned the previously bullet lists with new icons, pushed more of the content above the fold, and simplified the action of choosing the number of sessions.
  • On the second step, "Tell us about yourself", I centered the input column, redesigned the check boxes to more user-friendly tags, and added privacy tool tips.
  • On the third step, "Select a group", I wanted the user to be able to see coaches front-and-center, instead of being "matched" with one based on what time was selected. This makes the act of choosing a group feel a little more personable. I also visually redesigned the day picker to be easier to use, and more mobile-friendly.
  • Previously, on the fourth step, "Secure your group coaching spot", there were a lot of issues with information redundancy and hierarchy, so this step got one of the biggest redesigns. Everything is now placed in the middle of the screen, typography was cleaned up, and overall the page was made much easier to read.
  • The final step is the confirmation page that the user has booked a coach, as well as next steps for them. Here, I placed the coach and their group name (if the user signed up for group coaching) at the top. I also cleaned up typography, and gave each step its own numbered box to make all information here more digestible.

That's it for the sign-up flow. But there’s plenty of changes to the website and coaching platform coming soon that I hope you're as excited for as I am!




Hello patch note readers! My name is Humza and I'm the Frontend Developer at HG.

This week, we'll be pushing out a brand new sign up flow for personal and group coaching. It looks amazing but there were some interesting challenges that came along the way. 

The most unexpected challenge was issues with having part of the platform being in "light mode". We use a material design framework for Vue called Vuetify and within our Vuetify configuration there is a dark theme set. This means that when we use certain html elements or Vuetify components, they receive a base set of styles from Vuetify in the "dark" theme. 

I was able to get around these styles for our new sign up flow by overriding them, but eventually I do want to get rid of this overriding and implement a toggle between light and dark mode for the whole platform (soonTM)! In hindsight, I would have started with the dark mode implementation first, and then worked on a toggle between light and dark mode for the whole platform. That way, we can let Vuetify know that the platform is either in dark or light mode and Vuetify should (fingers crossed for when I do implement this in the future) adjust accordingly. 

Alongside that we also have a ton of other UI updates that I can't leak yet, but be on the lookout!

- Humza

K̶r̶u̶t̶i̶'̶s̶ Korner 

The Kanojias have a lot going on this week. That means no stream (boo) and no Kruti’s Korner (boo²). But as you may have seen previewed on our socials last week, they attended the Streamer Awards! Scroll for some bts pics of the experience.

The K’s already expressed their thanks to the awards’ founder, QTCinderella, but I'm echoing it here! The event turned out awesome.

If you didn’t tune in to the Streamer Awards, or if you just want to relive it, check out the full vod on QTCinderella’s channel

FYI this week’s header came courtesy of the show’s promo video, animated by BumbleBaum. Check them out!

Reader’s Block

Did I just make up an entirely new section for our patch notes? Why yes, yes I did. I wanted to share this comment we got last week that gave our team the feels. 

Thanks for tuning in @Vertical, and all of you who read our team’s updates week to week!

It’s really sappy, but it’s this kind of stuff that reminds us why we do what we do. That’s why we share your testimonials, wins, and kudos. We want ya’ll to know that you’re at the front of our minds as we’re designing new interfaces, creating premium content, and launching new programs... 

Oops, perhaps I’ve said too much. See ya’ll next week. ;)