Patch Notes 5/27

Our hearts are with the families of the victims of the Robb Elementary School incident earlier this week. The days following a tragedy always feel off. I don't know about you all, but I find myself pondering the question: Am I doing enough? And I know that we're all just out here doing our part, doing what we can to make the world a little better. But, here I am, unsure of the right way to talk about a tragedy. To echo Kruti's sentiments, the best we can do is try, and hope that our actions will speak louder than our words.

Let's get into this week's Patch Notes.

As MHM comes to a close, we look forward to our HG Keynote on Monday. Dr. K and Kruti will be sharing all HG updates from this past year, and give you more deets on what's to come. Hope you'll join us!

Now let's get into some updates from the rest of our team, starting with Coaching updates, courtesy of our Customer Service Manager, Renata!


Hi I’m Renata, the Customer Service Manager at HG. I manage customer service communications and operations 👋😆

Happy Mental Health May!!!! 🧠

Mental health is so important & I like the fact that there’s a designated month for us to prioritize and remember that our emotional, psychological and social well-being matters and should be nurtured + celebrated 💚

Customer Service Updates:

  • We recently created a Ticketing system in our Creator Coaching Server for Creator clients, which will be helpful for these clients to easily create a ticket for any inquiry needs. This system will also help with privacy as HG Admins will be the only recipients of your tickets and respond shortly.
  • I’m also working on adding a chatbot to our website so FAQ’s can easily be addressed and we can be online to answer any other inquiries you may have. This way, you can have peace of mind that your questions will be answered whether that’s live-chat, email or Discord! 😊
  • We’re currently working on adding a Customer Service Rep to our team, we’ve gotten several applicants and are so excited to grow our team!

Testimonial of the week:

“My experience with Healthy Gamer has been exceptional! I have spent a decent amount of time as a patient in cognitive behavioral therapy and I’ve found that while coaching is different from that process, it has actually felt more effective in helping me understand myself and my behavior. I think some of that has to do with the work I did in CBT making me more emotionally aware but, I wouldn’t want to minimize the incredible work [my coach] has done with me over our sessions the last couple of months. Without it, I'm not sure I would've gotten where I am now in as short a time frame. I used to feel like I needed to see someone with a doctorate to truly see improvements in my mental state. This program has changed my perspective on that. I’ve really found an increased awareness of how I view myself. I’ve started to see how I don’t really allow myself to feel my emotions. So much of what we’ve done in this short time has helped tremendously. My decision to cancel is purely financial. With Healthy Gamer, I feel the coaching on top of access to all of Dr. K’s modules is an absolute steal. I don’t think what this program is asking for in terms of price is unreasonable in the slightest. I just need to consolidate my funds for a coming move. The only feedback I could provide is that I believe this program would benefit from losing the ‘gamer’ schtick. In a world where mental healthcare is becoming more of a challenge to access, this program could benefit many people outside of the demographic of gamers. Thank you and I look forward to returning to this program later in the year!”

-Austin V.

I’m incredibly graceful to be a part of such a positive community - you guys make my job extremely interesting and rewarding.

My Mental Health:

My way of sustaining a healthy mindset is doing things that make me happy/fulfilled; aka self-care, aka living my best life 😂💪🏽🍾

Here are some things that make me feel blissful:

  • Work out 5x a week (Favorite thing to do – sweat out any bad energy! 😂)
  • DIY Spa Day (add some wine + music for extra relaxation!)
  • Wash + detail my car at home
  • Play video games
  • Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max (crime docs FTW!!)
  • Chef it up at home (bake or cook)
  • Attend events + concerts (I actually saw Halsey this month - EPIC!)
  • Travel (if you don’t want to go far, staycations are fun too!)
  • Clean + organize my house (simple but effective, play music or a podcast for extra motivation)
  • Donate 2x a month (can help you declutter while supporting others in need)
  • Celebrate my successes (can be big or small) ie; I’ll reward myself with a cheat meal if I meet my workout goal that day
  • ABOVE ALL: Spending time with people I enjoy being around is a big win for my mental health! Which mainly includes my adorable nephew below 🤗⬇:

If you got this far, thanks for reading! 😂 A friendly reminder that although it's Mental Health May, don't forget that your mental health matters every month of the year! 💚🧠💓


Product: Dev Team

Tipuch here with some updates on what dev team has been working on:

  • We made a priority waitlist feature that will help Customer Support find spots more easily for people who had scheduling issues with their coaches, groups or other problems and need to be matched as soon as possible.- We made general improvements to the codebase preparing for new updates coming up
  • We're still working on a brand new interface for coaches with better performance, UI and UX
  • We've also worked on admin tools that will help us better understand why people cancel coaching (neutral, good or bad outcomes)

For my mental health, I like taking long baths where I meditate on my day and/or listen to audiobooks (Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst, Robert M. Sapolsky) or podcasts (Darknet Diaries:

I also play badminton with friends and family sometimes, practice yoga and surya namaskar or simply work out.

I also see my parents and the rest of the family with their cat Jiji.

Hi, rorekk from the dev team here. We have some cool platform updates coming soon (tm) including upgrading to Vite to improve developer experience and reduce client JavaScript bundle size. For my mental health, I like to play guitar, play chill games like Core Keeper with friends, and touch grass.


Hey! I'm Ryan, the Director of Growth at HG. I work with Dr. K on creating content, future guides, and growing our coaching’s reach.

We have had a really fun Mental Health May so far - special guests on stream, great Discord events, call-in shows, and much more! I am particularly excited about our Scientific Advisory Board, and working with the mental health industry to develop better and better solutions for the world we live in.

The guide to ADHD & Doing Stuff pre-sale goes live today and we are super stoked to share the final product with you as we move through the last stages of production! The content is excellent (I learned a whole bunch from working on it!) and can help anyone - not just people with ADHD.

Other than that, we have some really dope content planned for the summer, and looking forward to seeing you guys there!

For my own mental health, I do a lot of cuddling and walking with my dog, as well as playing games (Destiny 2!) online with my friends. I am always pretty refreshed by my friends - online or offline!

Hey, I’m Jeevan! I run all the socials at Healthy Gamer from TikTok to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn and I always love seeing y’all enjoying the content in comments so come say hi!

I also work with the team to create the merch that’s being released so keep your eyes out for more drops!

For my own mental health I go to the gym and lift heavy rocks. But for real it really does help me calm down, focus, and feel really good mentally and physically. If I’m taking a rest day though, I’ll spend some time reading outside if it’s warm enough! I’m currently re-reading Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus in prep for the new series coming soon hypers!

Lastly, I'll formally introduce myself. I'm Josmary, Communications Manager for HG and omniscient (not really) narrator of our (sort of) weekly Patch Notes. I've been working at HG for almost a year now, and I've loved every second of it! There are some really awesome personalities behind the brand and I love that you guys get to learn more about them through these posts.

As far as taking care of my mental health, I do a bit of everything, depending on what the moment calls for. I meditate, exercise, do yoga, go for walks, game (action-adventure/RPG pog), draw, paint, write, and the list goes on. But one of my absolute favorite things to do is relax on the beach. Whether it's day or night, being near the water brings me a sense of calm like no other. Bonus points if I get to do any of the previously mentioned activities there! :)

Thanks for tuning in this month! We truly appreciate you all, and we're all constantly humbled by the ability to serve you guys. Hope you've had a refreshing Mental Health May, and stay tuned for a summer of fun with HG!

Be kind to one another and try to leave the world a little better than you found it. Til next time~