Patch Notes 3/30

Welcome back to our Patch Notes! Sorry we missed you last week. Hopefully this week’s updates will make up for our absence. Let’s get right into them:


  • Dr. K and Brandon were out at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) last week. Dr. K gave a talk on Toxicity in Gaming with Unity. They had a ton of fun and even got to meet some of you out there! We won’t include those pictures for privacy reasons, but here are some cool pics, courtesy of Brandon:

  • Our Merch Store is live, stock up on Healthy Gamer merch while you can!
  • We’re doing our best to help Dr. K’s left palm tree. Thanks to all those that voiced their concerns! We want you to know that we’re taking this seriously:
If you guys have any tips, please let us know 😅

Now, onto some coaching updates from our Resource Manager, Hannah! 


Career Coaching Pilot

SHhhh. We are currently running a small pilot program for career coaching! This stemmed from community interest in topic-focused High Potential (HiPo) and High Performance (HiPe) groups. From there, data suggested strong proof of concept for HiPe groups in addressing community needs like:

  • Looking for support regarding their career trajectory
  • Having a space to voice their concerns (ex. its difficult to bring up certain concerns in a work environment)
  • Building courage to take on a new pursuit in work

Additional goals that participants wanted to tackle included work related stress, stagnation, perfectionism, confidence, work/life-balance, and finding purpose in work.

This program takes our HG approach in helping people understand how their brains work and combines it with actionable approaches to dealing with workplaces of today. Coaches ranked the following as the most impactful career coaching topics our program covers:

  • Getting Results and moving up in your career
  • Ahamkara, the sense of self aka ego, and how it impacts your work
  • Work communication in discussing expectations, being understood, impact it has on how you are seen at work, and troubleshooting communication issues
  • Having influence and agency in your work (leading to job satisfaction)
  • Prioritization & Decision Making

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Hey all! Kabir/TechTeller here with the final community update for March. We’ve been busy setting up a lot of stuff for April and beyond! Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Month of Meditation (Based on Dr. K’s Guide!)

Meditation is the most popular pocket community in the HG Discord. So to give it some more love, April is going to be the Month of Meditation!

The goal of Month of Meditation is to help out community find a meditation that works for them. Meditation is not just about sitting quietly and observing your breath. So, if a practice doesn’t work for you, then there are others that may fit your cognitive fingerprint better.

All the meditations are principles from Dr. K’s Guide. Dr. K breaks down meditation into 4 types: Open Awareness, Grounding, Focusing, and Inquisitive. Our meditation leads, Foffy and David and used this principle to create a schedule of meditation for each week of April.

BUT... that’s not all.

The Healthy Gamer Bot has been secretly evolving. It’s been going through Dr. K’s Guide and meditating everyday. Here are the abilities it has developed.

Every day, the bot will play recorded guided meditations from our meditation leads as well as Dr. K! These automated guided meditations will be played 5 times a day, spread out across 5 timezones all over the world. So if you miss a session, don’t worry - the bot will play a recorded meditation a couple times an hour at multiple points throughout the day!

The Meditation pocket community is also seeing a rework!

Previously it sat at the bottom of the server along with other pocket communities. To join it, you had to go to #extra-roles and react to a message to get the role. Then you had to scroll back down and you finally had access to the community. Needless to say, it was a hassle.

It now sits just underneath the support category. To join it, you need to click the “Join the Meditation Community” button in the new #meditation_info channel, which will then prompt you to optionally select notification timezones for the automated meditations. Once you join the community, you will see all the channels! The Guided Meditation Stage Channel has also been moved to this category, making it more accessible.

Career Events

There are a whole bunch of career-related events planned for the month of April. If you are somewhat far along in your career but unhappy with where you are, then these are for you! The events will be led by Perfectly Panda, our Coding Workshop lead, and Mille, a Certified Career Counselor who will talk about topics such as Career Mindset, Switching Careers, and will even be holding a Networking Workshop.

Look out for the Schedule by getting the Announcements role in the discord from #extra-roles!

Win of the Week

No community segment is complete without a win of the week. Here’s my favorite!

Check out this post, it’s a great realization! Failure is not the end of the road.

That’s it! Until next week :)