April 12, 2022

Patch Notes 4/12

Hey and welcome back to another Patch Notes! This week we weren't really patching, as much as we were hiring, certifying, forming alliances, fighting territory wars... OH, and meditating of course.

Read on to make sense of this intro (I promise it's all in there). 🤠


Hey y’all! It’s Dragon with some updates on the certifying process for coaches.

We’ve gotten over 1,500 applications now which is AWESOME! It’s been an honor reading through each of the applications and seeing the love and dedication y’all have for AoE healing and our community.

Our initial cohorts of certifying coaches have finished the HG curriculum and are starting to work with their first free clients! Cohorts 6 and 7 are made up of 18 stellar individuals from around the world, including places like Brazil, the Philippines, Hong Kong and more - half of them are bilingual!

We appreciate anyone that signed up for free coaching - thank you for working with our certifying coaches, and we hope that you enjoy your coaching experience!

Similarly, we’re wrapping up interviews for the next cohort, which should have around 12-14 people, once again, coming from around the world.

A quick reminder in case you’re interested in applying: you can submit an application to become an HG coach here. We’ll be accepting applications on a rolling basis through the end of July. We are recruiting international coaches as well as coaches based within the United States.

We’re on our way to bringing on around 80 more coaches this year and are excited to be able to grow our team to provide more and more coaching spots to our community (and in more languages!)


Dragon 🐉


One community update coming right up! 🧑‍🍳


A couple of weeks ago, Reddit kickstarted the iconic r/place event, where everyone gets a chance to place a pixel every 5 minutes on a giant collaborative canvas.

And y’all hopped in! We sought to give our corner of the internet a place on this giant map and here’s what we got.

We negotiated, alliances were formed, google sheets were made. It was an all out coordinated effort, and we managed to secure a spot!

Even Dr. K joined in on the fun!

Month of Meditation!

April is Month of Meditation in our community! The Healthy Gamer Bot had a few glitches when it came to the guided meditations. It got confused and it totally wasn’t me messing up the code 🙂

Turns out that pulling music from YouTube is tricky, so we’ve moved over to another hosting platform, which fixed all the recording issues! Thanks y’all for being so patient.

Lets go week 2!

Career Events! (w/ Ryan, Director of Growth @ HG)

If you’re a career-oriented person in our discord, we’ve got a surprise for you. Say hi to the new career community!

Check it out and join in to build the career of your dreams, with help from our community.

We also have an event w/ Ryan, Director of Growth @ HG about building a career as a creative professional! If you want to be a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, or want to break into a creative industry, definitely join in to this one.

Click here to get notified!

Win of the Week

🧘Let the anxiety fall away