Patch Notes 4/28

Hello, and welcome back to  another Patch Notes! 

There's a lot of new things brewing at HG 🍵

So much that we had to take a seat and sip some for ourselves.

Okay, bad pun aside, the K's brought some of our team members out for an on-site to fine tune some of the details of everything that's to come.

As some of you guys may know, May is Mental Healthy Awareness Month (aka, Mental Health May). Our April has pretty much consisted of our team preparing awesome content and activities for you guys. We want this MHM to be one for the books! 

While we can't simply disclose the contents of the super secret tea meeting pictured above, (lol jk it was our team sync), we can give you guys some info to prep for the upcoming month.

So without further ado, let's get into some Content and Community updates, featuring one of our newest team members! 


Hey y’all, I’m Jeevan the new Socials Manager at Healthy Gamer! I’ve got a bunch of cool stuff to share in today’s update so let’s gooooooo:

Behind the Scenes:

Wondering why there’s no streams this week? Well you'll me happy to know that it's because we'’re working on some new premium content! Doc and the crew are hard at work scripting, filming, and editing to get y’all a cool new guide DLC sometime in the near future. Keep an eye on Instagram and Twitter for some more pics 👀

Spotted, Kruti and Ryan in the cut having meetings with A+A (our elite PR team)! Peep them on the laptop screen 👀


We have an official TikTok! Now, I haven’t gotten Doc to do the Renegade yet but not for any lack of trying. 😅  This’ll be a place of Healthy Gamer quick-hits, mainly made up of educational/insightful clips with some fun memes sprinkled in for good measure. See y’all in the comments section!


Kabir, our community manager, has been posting some incredible career-related blogs - if you’re not reading them, you’re missing out! He’s been covering stuff from expectations at work to making better decisions to exploitation at work and more! It’s all super helpful. Check our blog out here.

Comment of the Week:


Hey all! Kabir here - there’s a lot of good stuff in store and a lot of good stuff that’s already been implemented. Let’s dive into this week’s community update!

New Communities

Over the last 2 weeks, we reworked how pocket communities work in the HG Discord and added a couple of new ones!


The careers community was designed to:

  • Help you gain perspectives from others on which career path would suit you.
  • Provide help with building resumes and acing interviews.
  • Help you find resources to understand, prevent, and work on burnout.

The #careers channel was merged into this community and made into #careers | general. If you want to get access to other channels, you must join through the #careers | info channel.

We also have weekly career events run by PerfectlyPanda! More coming soon.

Missed an event, you can get access to the recordings! Check out the #careers | info channel.


The careers community was created to provide a dedicated place to:

  • Get help dealing with the mental health aspects of being a student.
  • Get study tips, resources, and advice from other students..
  • Find other likeminded students to study with and form connections.

The #student_life channel was merged into this community and made into #students | general. If you want to get access to other channels, you must join through the #students| info channel.

Next up, Fitness Workshop!

Month of Meditation

We’re almost through April Month of Meditation! It’s been a blast and amazing to see all the feedback. While the bot meditations will take a bit of a backseat in May, that does not mean they will stop!

We will be rotating through April’s meditations again and adding in some new ones. They will not be organized in any particular order, so expect a lot of variety everyday!

Fan Art!

HUGE shoutout to all the fanart y’all have been making! It’s absolutely amazing and we love seeing it every week.

Win of the Week

This post about a high school teacher showing HG videos to other teachers is super cool! Its amazing when someone from our community takes content to other places, and it turns out to be useful. Strong work!

That’s all for this week! Thanks y’all - could not have asked for a better community. <3

See ya'll in Mental Health May! 🤯