March 1, 2022

Patch Notes 3/1

Before we get into this week at HG, we'd like to dedicate this Patch Note to those of you guys in Ukraine and Russia. HG is extending our support, read more on that in Kruti's Corner. Above all, we hope that you're all staying safe, and that this will soon pass.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled updates.


Hey everyone! This is Kabir, Community Manager @ HG w/ another week of patch notes! I have a lot of exciting updates for you, so let’s dive right in!

Win of the Week

Shoutout to Kimi for quitting nicotine! Quitting any addiction, especially substances is extremely difficult, so big props!

Updated extra roles

The #extra-roles channel has gotten a makeover. We’re moving away from the old version of reaction roles, and instead using Discord’s selectors. This makes the channel much cleaner, and easier for newer users to select roles.

We also added pronoun roles! You can select them just like you would select other pocket community or notification roles.

More forum channels!

#relationships has also been converted into a Forum Channel (this is a new feature that our community gets EXCLUSIVE access to!). This means that multiple people can get support for their issue at the same time.

#new-relationships is a new forum channel. #old-relationships is a regular text channel, which will be up while Forum channels are given full android support.

The goal is to transition to forum channels for the most popular channels, as well as those that fit this format, such as #pogchamp, #coaching-questions, etc.

We wrapped up a 4 week Dopamine Detox!

We wrapped up the dopamine detox workshop last week! It was an absolute blast. Shoutout to HG Coach, Tom for running the workshop! Also a massive shoutout to everyone who attended and did the detox. Here’s my favorite message from the event series:

Every. Single. Win. Is. Important.

- Kabir


Hey all, hope everyone has been doing well and taking care of themselves during these confusing and intense times. Brandon here again just with a few small updates from the product side of things at Healthy Gamer!

Most of this week were small bug fixes on top of the Favoriting feature that we added last week alongside both database and security maintenance. We’ve also made significant progress on moving many pages and components from the platform over to SQL from Mongo so fingers crossed that our final pieces will be done around the beginning of March and we can move forward with some more exciting features!

More generally though, we’ve been working on implementing some new design for the Coaching sign up flow in an effort to make it more inviting, informative, and privacy-focused. Here’s a sneak peek (and don’t worry, a dark mode toggle will be available soon after this launches).

Outside of that we’re working hard brainstorming how we can create a platform that’s able to bridge the connections between community, content, and coaching. We’ve been taking in feedback from both current and past users in Healthy Gamer and hope to get more input from different perspectives! If you’re interested in providing feedback for our product and how it can better serve you, keep a look out in our community & coaching Discords for any announcements!

That’s all for this week!

Signing off for now,



Hi all,

Echoing Brandon’s sentiment, with all the things going on in the world right now, I hope anyone who has been affected is staying safe and getting the support they need. Lean on others when you need to, and if you are in a place where you can be there for someone else, offer help where you feel comfortable. Embracing the cringe as I say this, but ‘AOE healing’ is invaluable right now.

Coach Applications and Curriculum

With new coach openings comes more opportunity to improve our coaching curriculum. As Dragon teased on the 02/14 patch notes, we have re-recorded our entire lecture series from the core curriculum, including new insights and new tidbits we’ve learned along the way. Not to mention the quality is a big step-up from Zoom mp4 files..

As those lectures get some editing work done, we are also beginning to assess coach application submissions - yes, they’re open now! This is always an exciting time for us because, as amazing as the HG coaches are now, more coaches means even more support for those who need it. If you’re applying, good luck! And maybe, see you around. 🙂

Coaching Operations Manager

Speaking of applications...our coaching team is seeking a Coaching Operations Manager to help our coaches succeed! If you think you’re a good fit and love what we do, please don’t hesitate to apply.

On the more technical side, the coaching team has also been collaborating with our Product and Research teams to create more robust coaching analytics in SQL, devising and testing new coaching and research outcomes, and strategizing opportunities to improve overall QOL on our coaching platform. We’ve come a long way and have so much more ahead for 2022 and beyond.

Take care,


Kruti's Corner

I’ve spent the week like many of you horrified by the aggression in Ukraine and wondering what we may be able to do about it. Through the tragedy, it has been inspiring to be a citizen of the internet seeing so many people coming in to express support, donate, or offer what assistance they can.

For our part, we have moved quickly to create meaningful content on wartime mental health, exploring the research on post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth. We reflected that research on mental health during war has pinpointed a sense of community as a pivotal part of making it through the hardest of times. We will be posting resources for wartime mental health in our community spaces for those seeking clinical services.

As a global service, we are committed to helping our clients during this unprecedented crisis and know that the power of community is more important now than ever before. Through our Healthy Gamer Subsidy Fund - a reserve funded through our corporate partners - we will subsidize 100% of services for customers in both Ukraine and Russia.

For our clients in Ukraine, know that we are here whenever you’re ready. For those in Russia, please know that we also see you and know that you may be worried about things like currency exchange rates or payment issues, and our fund will support you fully to alleviate these barriers.

It made me reflect on how much this generation has endured - born into war, practicing shooter drills in the classroom, racking up huge amounts of debt to go to college only to have those years lost to a pandemic, and now watching as the world enters into a new geopolitical crisis. And, still, despite all that, a commitment to be good to each other, to grow together, and to share each others’ victories and tribulations.

Once again, I find myself standing in sheer admiration of the Healthy Gamer community and our collective perseverance to forge a better way ahead come what may.

💙 💛