Patch Notes 3/10

Welcome back!

Everyone at Healthy Gamer has been heads down and knee deep in projects over the past few weeks. This week in particular we set a bunch of new things in motion. We can’t speak on everything quite yet, just know there’s a bunch of awesome stuff in the works.

There is one thing we can share this week though: A sneak peek of our NEW MERCH!

The drop date is TBA, so keep an eye out.

Without further ado, let’s see what updates the team has for us this week.


Hi all! Kabir/TechTeller here with some more updates. Here’s what the community was up to last week:

Community Win

Cold showers are OP — Lets go kepi!

Happy Women’s History Month!

The Women’s Space Discord will be getting a much needed upgrade throughout March! This includes updates to channels, roles, and an overall reorganization.

A Sneak Peek at April

We’re working on something very special for the HG Discord! A particular pocket community will see an interesting update in April. See if you can guess which one. ;)

Here’s a hint:

Many eager developers involved in tomorrow's event.



Hi! - Lindsay again. Not too much to report this week on my end, so I’ve included some more coaching client testimonials for some cozy, FeelsGoodMan reading.

Coach Applications

Interviews for our upcoming coach cohort are well underway, and we have seen some phenomenal candidates so far. We'll be keeping the applications rolling throughout the year to fill our future cohorts, so if you’ve been meaning to apply but haven’t, there’s still time!

Client Testimonials

[My Coach] has been incredibly supportive, understanding, patient and flexible throughout all of my sessions. I felt comfortable being able to share and be vulnerable without fear of judgement, and knowing that I'd gain a useful perspective on whatever I happened to share. The sessions provided me with what I had hoped for and more - it's just on me now to implement the things we talked about. Thanks to you all and specifically to [my coach]. I can't express how much this has meant to me. -Anonymous
I am already in therapy, so I wasn't sure what I would get out of this but I wanted to give it a shot and I'm glad I did. My coach made me feel comfortable opening up, and she had the right balance of understanding and holding me accountable. I feel like I got a lot out of this experience and I'm very thankful for it. -Terrah
This was my second time in the coaching program, and it was everything I needed. [My coach] was an incredibly kind, caring, and effective coach that helped me to understand myself much better. There were many takeaways from my sessions that I can use to navigate everyday situations, set goals, and handle negative emotions. I also appreciate how smooth everything was on the administrative side. -Jimmy
This is an amazing program and can not wait to see how it grows and improves. Dr. K and the coaches are such a great resource for people in need of help. I did not think I would get to the point I am at now this fast but with the guides, the twitch streams and the coaches I have been able to turn around so fast and be happy again and see things in a positive light daily now. Thank you so much greatly for everything you have done. -Jason
This experience genuinely changed my life for the better. It has helped me process things I never thought I'd be able to and explore different connections that events in my life have/had that I never would have figured out on my own. Since I started my sessions, I've felt mentally healthier and looked forward to every session each week. I never thought I'd get this much out of the program but quite frankly this exceeded my expectations. I don't even know where to start with how amazing [my coach] was at her role as a coach. Incredibly professional with everything, never late, always knew the right questions to ask, made connections that I would have never realized, just overall gave me so much value from this program. [My coach] was genuinely able to help me acknowledge and get over things in such a better and healthier way in terms of mindset and really took the time to make sure that at the end of each session I was okay if it was a rough conversation. -Andrew

This feedback speaks for itself, so I won’t add much of my own commentary here. It’s amazing to think that every week we have over 2,000 coaching clients going through similar formative experiences. It’s even more amazing to think that by the end of 2022, with nearly twice as many coaches, that number may double.

Big news next week, hope you stay tuned!


Kruti's Korner

LAWDY it’s been a busy week full of W’s.

We are incredibly honored to be presenting pilot data from our study on coaching outcomes at the 2022 American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting! We're excited to present our work to other mental health professionals and the academic community on the incredible outcomes of HG Coaching, including its impact on depression, anxiety, life purpose, and video game addiction. As the world opens back up, you’ll be able to find us at a number of in-person industry events in the mental health and gaming spheres.

Another big W is close to my heart, and that’s fostering a pay-it-forward attitude. You may remember that last week we scrambled to see what we could do to support people in Ukraine and Russia. One of our steps was authorizing use of the subsidy fund to continue to support people affected in the area. Check out the AOE healing.

We’re also getting ready to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow streamers at the 2022 Streamer Awards! ICYMI here’s Alok looking sharp at his tux fitting. Stay tuned on socials for lots of BTS and vote here if you haven’t!