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About Us

About Healthy Gamer

Healthy Gamer is a mental health platform designed to help gamers live our best IRL. We create resources to empower gamers to find peace and purpose. 

Our Mission


Healthy Gamer is on a mission to change the face of mental health. Because, we’ve been there. And, you deserve the support of people who get it. Our goal is to deliver accessible, inclusive, and affordable resources to gamers who need a way forward.

Our Approach


For many, it’s not about an SSRI or a diagnosis. It’s about creating a life worth living, and that’s where we can help. We take a peer approach to meet people where they are. Leveraging Dr. K’s years of experience working with thousands of gamers, we pull from multiple bodies of knowledge to help gamers understand their own minds. This includes a combination of evidence-based interventions, meditation and Ayurveda, neurochemistry research, and peer-based coaching. 

Content, Community, and Coaching

The three pillars of Healthy Gamer are content, community, and coaching. This enables people to explore at their own pace, with the support of people who “get” it, and/or the option to work more proactively with a coach. Play the game of life however you want: solo, with a party, or in boss mode.

Origin Story

Back in 2005, Dr. K, then simply known as Alok, was on academic probation in college. He graduated with a 2.5 GPA and slowly, painfully got his life back together after being rejected from 140 jobs, schools, and internships. He eventually went on to train with the brightest minds in the field of psychiatry and became faculty at Harvard Medical School. Throughout his training, he constantly sought guidance on the particular needs of gamers. There were simply no known solutions. 

He started talking to gamers. After helping thousands of gamers take steps towards a more meaningful life, he knew the traditional therapist-patient relationship was never going to be enough. Dr. K dedicated his career towards helping the people who had always been there for him – his fellow gamers – by creating mental health resources specifically for the way gamers are wired.

Why now?

We are more isolated than ever before. Mental illness is on the rise, especially in young people. 

  • In young people (ages 10-34) suicide is the #2 leading cause of death [1]. 
  • Prevalence of major depressive disorder is highest amongst 18-25 year olds at 13.1% [2], a 63% increase from 2009 to 2017 (Journal of Abnormal Psychology).
  • Meanwhile mental health resources as they exist just don’t get gamers. Psychiatry today is too slow (10 week wait-times), too old (55% of psychiatrists 55+), and too expensive (depression is the 6th most expensive disease) [3,4,5].