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Help Your Child Find Balance

It's Not About Quitting The Game. It's About Supporting The Gamer.

What role can a parent play in establishing healthy gaming habits? In our experience, the best role a parent can play is two-fold:

  1. Understand what is going on in your child’s brain both neuroscientifically and psychologically.
  2. Rebuild your relationship with your child to help establish healthy gaming habits.

Introducing Healthy Gamer Family Programs


Expert Guidance


Our programs allow you to:

  • Rebuild your relationship: Regain your child’s trust by understanding his/her world and the needs video games fulfill in order to foster empathetic, relationship-centered communication.
  • Reshape their future: Create a different physical, emotional and social environment to help your child explore his/her full potential.
  • Prioritize progress: Moving the focus from quitting video games (or throwing them off a bridge) to supporting your child’s real-world success saves both of you from the constant argument around video games.
  • Control the timeline: Our digital solution does what traditional therapy models can’t – it moves at your pace and gives you the tools you need all at once.

Parent Coaching - Hands-On Support

The 12-week parent coaching program combines workshops and virtual support groups. The program includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour workshop followed by 30-minute Q&A with Dr. K.
  • Weekly virtual support group led by a Healthy Gamer Coach trained and supervised by Dr. K
  • Essential skills for navigating tough relationship challenges
  • Strategies to manage your child’s expectations, set and enforce boundaries, and deal with resistance 

$50 per week, 12-week program


Action Plan - An Online Parent Course

The Action Plan includes 40+ lessons and a step-by-step plan to address your child’s gaming habit. The course includes:

  • A psychiatric perspective on video gaming addiction
  • Strategies for constructive conversations with your child and understanding your child’s perspective
  • Frameworks for setting goals, limits and boundaries
  • Guided exercises to complete with your child

$99, lifetime access


Which one is right for me?

We recommend the Action Plan if your family is dealing with early-stage video game addiction, and Parent Coaching if you need more comprehensive support. If you don’t know what stage you’re in, read our guide on the 3 stages of video game addiction.

Why Parents, Doctors, and Therapists Trust Healthy Gamer

Traditional healthcare hasn’t caught up to the digital generation and the unique mental health challenges your child faces. That’s because academic medicine typically moves 4 to 5 years behind real life.

Healthy Gamer’s direct experience working with thousands of gamers empowers parents to address what’s going on in your child’s life right now. That’s why the majority of Healthy Gamer’s first parent users were medical professionals, educators or academics themselves.

Dr. K

Dr. Alok Kanojia is the world expert on video game psychology.


“It is refreshing to see that we finally have a tool for parents of children struggling with video game addiction. Healthy Gamer is an affordable way to address this behavioral addiction during the crucial developmental years of adolescence.”

Dr. Sagar Vijapura


“This is a fantastic resource! Alok is a compelling speaker, and I love the way he frames the need for parents to appreciate the importance of the child’s experience as a gamer from the get go! I found myself already borrowing some of his words in a session with parents of one of my pre-adolescent clients today when the topic of video games came up.”

John N., LICSW

dr meena parekh for healthy gamer

“Healthy Gamer, with its step-by-step treatment plan, will prove to be a powerful and effective resource in the years to come. I urge all parents – as well as my colleagues treating children and adolescents – to preview this program. It will be an enjoyable ride, I promise.”

Dr. Meena Parekh, Pediatrician

What is Video Game Addiction?

Video Game Addiction, also known as Internet Gaming Disorder, is not widely known or treated. However, millions of children meet clinical video game addiction criteria. In fact, some estimates show addiction rates as high as 9% in youth under the age of 18*. Worried about your child’s gaming habits?


If your child’s gaming is excessive and you’ve noticed a change in personality, your hunch is probably right: there is something deeper going on. But, it’s not about quitting the game, it’s about supporting your gamer. 

We look at supporting gamers on five dimensions:

  • Physical Health: Improve nutrition, sleep, hygiene, physical exercise
  • Emotional Stability: Regulate and express both positive and negative emotions
  • Social Growth: Maintain and create in-person relationships
  • Real World Outcomes: Boost grades, extracurriculars and other measures of success in the real world
  • Mental Health: Stabilize mood, recognize where there might be additional mental health issues

Source: “BRAVE NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION: INTERNET GAMING DISORDER,” Dong Chan Park MD, Mass Psychiatric Society, October 3, 2018