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Dr. K’s Guide to Mental Health

After helping thousands of people online through Healthy Gamer and training the most elite psychiatrists at Harvard Medical School, Dr. K codified his approach to mental health, so that anyone can benefit from his extensive knowledge and signature holistic approach. Dr. K's Guide to Mental Health methodically takes users on a journey through Depression, Anxiety, and Meditation towards a stronger state of mind.

Dr. K’s Guide to Mental Health is for:

  • Therapy patients
  • Coaching clients
  • Students who want to learn Dr. K’s approach to mental health
  • Patients with diagnosed disorders who want to learn more
  • Those who are starting to take control of mental health
  • Those who are dissatisfied or overwhelmed by current mental health options
  • Those who want to understand themselves but do not have or want a diagnosis
  • People from Twitch chat
  • Dr. K’s Guide is NOT a replacement for therapy or medical care
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